His love was addictive. It was wrong, yet so right. I needed him, as much as I needed my drugs. His love was a drug addiction... Almost acidic.


2. Chapter 2

My ex boyfriend, also known as Harry Styles, abused me. Mentally, physically, and sexually. But, not only him. His best friends too. All four of them. Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn. They always slapped me, kicked me, and raped me. They would call me ugly, worthless, and fat. I'm anorexic now. I'm on the run from them, because I escaped the living room window. He was out at a strip club. And now, I've been us hiding for a year. Doing drugs, gagging myself, anything to make me skinnier. It's so addicting. So now, I do it almost daily. In fact, I should do it now. I leaned over the toilet, and stuck my toothbrush down my throat. *gag* *gag* vomit.

Hey guys... I'm sorry if this chapter offends you, but this is just for entertainment. So please don't hate me... And sorry it's short. I'm sick, and tired. So yeah, I'm really sorry... :/

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