This story is about a girl named Lizeth Mari Barek ( pronounced as Lizet) who goes to Stratford High School. Her family had been murdered. She's on her own an can't afford to make a mistake. She has been searching all her for her parents murderer. She promised herself that she will not stop looking for him. She became from a straight A student from a girl who always gets detention every day.

On the other hand there is Justin Drew Bieber. He's a gang leader. He's arrogant, cocky, and selfcentered. He is always sleeping around with different girls. He has most likely slept with the whole town. Justin has murdered many people. His gang is the most feared gang in North America. He keeps his gang in well-shaped.

When these two meet Secrets are unleashed (told). What will happen when they meet? Read to find out.


1. Prologue

Lizeth's P.O.V I remember. I remember everything. I remember the blood. The bodies. I remember their laughs and smiles. I remember my parents. My parents who were murdered. My parents who I thought were living a normal life. My parents who were living a lie. I have many secrets. I have many ways. I promised I would not stop until I get the justice I deserve. I will not stop until I avenge they're death. I have secrets, that nobody knows about. I can and I will use those secrets with no one to stop me. I can and I will use those secrets. A/N Hi well that's the prologue of my story I know its short but I want to get people wondering about what's going to happen. Please comment to see if you like my story so far and if you send hate comments that's cool with me I mean it all depends if you guys like it or not. Thanks!
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