This story is about a girl named Lizeth Mari Barek ( pronounced as Lizet) who goes to Stratford High School. Her family had been murdered. She's on her own an can't afford to make a mistake. She has been searching all her for her parents murderer. She promised herself that she will not stop looking for him. She became from a straight A student from a girl who always gets detention every day.

On the other hand there is Justin Drew Bieber. He's a gang leader. He's arrogant, cocky, and selfcentered. He is always sleeping around with different girls. He has most likely slept with the whole town. Justin has murdered many people. His gang is the most feared gang in North America. He keeps his gang in well-shaped.

When these two meet Secrets are unleashed (told). What will happen when they meet? Read to find out.


5. Chapter.3

LIZETH P.O.V Mr. Ralio stopped his speech and looked at Justin. He started talking and I realized he was giving Justin the same speech he gave me. I cleared my throat and Mr. Ralio looked up at me. "Hey teacher yeah um we hear this speech everyday and we never are going to change so can you like shut up and give it a rest, . I mean I already now what your gonna say. So let's just see each other everyday and give us our detention slip. I'm already going to get five more later" I . Mr. Ralio was surprised I had actually said something about his speeches. I mean I guess he had a right to be surprised. I never usually say anything. Everybody looked at me surprised, even Justin was surprised at what I said. I usually just fight with him when we see each other in the halls and some periods. He looked shocked at first but then smirked. I was confused. He sat at his desk and whispered: "I knew you like me". I practically laughed at that. I whispered back, " I only did that to get out of his speeches". He chuckled at that. He then said "Well bitch how about you shut the fuck up like your old self. I mean that's what you've been doing since your parents died?" I froze and I guess he noticed because he was really quite. How did he know? How long has he known? Why would he bring it up? Why would he even say that? All kinds of questions were running through my head all because of that little comment. A/N I know its short but I wanted to write another chapter for you guys and all and its midnight and I'm really tired but I'll try to write more tomorrow. Thanks for understanding and thank you so much for all the likes and favorites! Love Sammi
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