This story is about a girl named Lizeth Mari Barek ( pronounced as Lizet) who goes to Stratford High School. Her family had been murdered. She's on her own an can't afford to make a mistake. She has been searching all her for her parents murderer. She promised herself that she will not stop looking for him. She became from a straight A student from a girl who always gets detention every day.

On the other hand there is Justin Drew Bieber. He's a gang leader. He's arrogant, cocky, and selfcentered. He is always sleeping around with different girls. He has most likely slept with the whole town. Justin has murdered many people. His gang is the most feared gang in North America. He keeps his gang in well-shaped.

When these two meet Secrets are unleashed (told). What will happen when they meet? Read to find out.


3. Chapter.2

LIZETH P.O.V As I entered Stratford High School, all eyes were on me. I was use to it. Trust me I'm not popular. It's only because they think I'm a delinquent. I don't care though. I mean I guess I would think the same thing if someone else were in my place. It gets confusing at times though. I mean I wonder why I get treated like this. Well life's a bitch. After a few steps into the school all eyes were turned behind me. I was confused at first because I'm always being stared at no matter what. I myself decided to turn around. As soon as my eyes landed on what everybody was looking at, I soon regretted it. Right in front of me was the biggest man whore ever. Justin Drew Bieber. He practically slept with every girl in town. Except me. I would never let that thing touch me, let alone go near me. To say I hate him would be an understatement. I can't even stand him or his gang. Yup he's in a gang. It's called.... I don't even know what it's called. I never cared enough to learn the name. Justin wasn't always like this. He was caring and sweet. Know he fuck 8 girls a week. In the janitors closet. Disgusting I know right. I'm just glad I ain't any of those sluts who tries to get his attention. Anyways, once he notices me staring at him, he smirks and starts checking me out. I roll my eyes, and I guess he noticed because he starts walking up to me. With a frown. Once he was right in front of me he whispers: " Is there a problem?" I was not scared so I whisper back, " Yeah there is". He looks at me and asks: "What is it then?". I said, "You". He looked at me with anger. "Bitch I know you like me. Everybody does" he said out loud. "Since when did your sluts become everybody?" I asked out loud. "Ooo"s were heard all over in the hallway. He looked at me with a look that could kill. I just smirked and said: "I guess I won" and then I walked away with some sass. He definitely deserved that. He is a jerk anyway. I walked all the way to my locker and grabbed my History book. That was my first period class. I use to be in the honers classes, but that changed after my parents death. I was now in the regular classes. The saddest thing is about first period is that I have it with Justin Bieber. Most girl would be happy but not me. I'd rather die in a hole. Literally. Anyways when the school bell rang I was late for class.... again. As I stepped in my teacher, Mr. Ralio gave me another speech about why I had to be early for class for a good job in the future, and blah blah blah. It happens everyday so I usually zone out. He is like the most boringest teacher, so I usually fall asleep or I use my phone while he's talking. Right in the middle of his speech someone stumbles in. Of course it was Justin Bieber.
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