Look at me the way i look at you


2. The next day

The next day, i made sure to stay away from that git, Malfoy. first up, i got dressed into my light blue, Ravenclaw robes, the headed down to Breakfast. i met up with the red headed Weasley twins who must have heard from my bestie, ginny, about Draco smelling my scent, said they would dung-bomb Draco, on my be-half of course. Don't tell anyone but i agreed. but hey, don't judge me they would have anyway!
I sat down at Ravenclaw table next to luna Lovegood, she handed me a 'Quibbler.' it opened it to the first page which had a funny pair of glasses, which said they could see 'wackspurts' 
"Hey luna?" 
"Yeah" she answer dreamily
"What are wackspurts" 
"Well, they're tiny little creatures that make your brain go fuzzy, for example, when you are daydreaming or unconscious... Go on give them a try."
So i put them on and had a look around, i see, harry potter dreamily watching, wait ,what?, Me? no it can't be. i sheepishly look at luna whom is on my left, and then turn to my right, ahh... that makes sense, Cho Chang. Next i turn left back to Luna.
"Luna why do you have wackdpurts all over you?"
"Well, they seem to like me , so what harm will it do to let them stay? i mean its only polite"
"Fair enough"
then i spotted a guy watching me, without his grey, cold eyes but instead replaced with soft, caring, bluey-silver eyes. and a genuine smile, not some 'bad boy' smirk.
Draco Malfoy
Watching me... i get up and run over to the Gryffindore table over to my bestie, but younger than me and in none of my classes, but still my bestest friend if all time.
Ginny Weasley
I tell her code 'Lavender', which we made up last night since,code 'Draco' would be way to obvious to any listeners nearby. And together we run to just out side of the great hall and into a broom closet close by. 
"Ginny he's keeps watching me and he's covered in wackspurts!"
"Ok first of all you have been spending way too much time with luna and second of all he isn't even at breakfast. Now lets just go back yo breakfast."
"Nah it's Saturday so i'm gonna go get a book and read down by the lake."
She opens i hear the pitter pattering of running foot steps, i push past Ginny, and follow the sound. Ginny yells out to me, but i didn't quite catch it, something about waiting for her to got out first. i turn down a number of empty stair ways and meet a dead end. i look at an old, chipped away, cupboard. i double check by opening the door carefully as if it could break any moment. i see no one there. thats a little strange!
I turn back, i gasp as a pair of lips lock onto mine...

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