Nialin ๐Ÿ’•


5. The fandom and the boys

'Niall?' I asked. 'Cailin?' 'Well how are we going to tell the rest of the boys and the fandom, the whole fandom is going to hate me if they find our about us' 'Cailin, not the whole fandom is going to hate you, they don't even know you. We'll just keep it a secret for a while' he said encouragingly. 'What about the boys?' I asked. 'They won't care!' He said laughing. 'Okay'

That made me feel a lot better about us.

'What are we doing today' 'What do you want to do' he asked me. 'Well can we just have a lazy day, I'm so tired?' 'Of course!' We sat on the couch and made out for a while. We were stopped by a phone call. Niall answered it. 'Hello'

'Hii' (it was Harry) 'Niall, I'm so bored can I come over?' 'Umm.. Hold on a second' 'Can Harry come over?' Niall asked. 'Yeah sure' 'okay, sure come In about 10 minutes' 'okay, see you soon' Harry said.

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