Nialin ๐Ÿ’•


1. meeting the boys


Okay so this is my first time writing so yeah. No hate aha. This is probably gonna start how every other bloody fan fic starts but yeah. Hope you like it :)


My best friend Sascha and I were going to meet the boys tomorrow. We were so excited. We planed what we were going to wear and by the end of the day my room was really messy. My favorite was Niall and Sascha's was Louis. Luckily for me Niall was single ;D I couldn't sleep I was to excited. I was also very nervous aha. The next day finally came and we woke up at around 4:00 am we were so excited. We sat in bed for 3 hours and talked about meeting the boys and things that would never happen. 'What if Niall gave you his number!' Sascha had said joyfully. 'Haha omg I wish!' 'He would never!' I said laughing. We spent an hour doing our hair, making sure we looked good for our idols. It was finally 8:00 and we left for the meet and greet. We were stuck in line for ages and loads of really pretty girls walked past and I felt so insecure. 'Those girls are so pretty' 'They would totally have a chance with one of the boys' I said.

It was finally our turn to meet the boys! We walked in and I was almost started crying. I couldn't stop staring at Niall. I walked over to Niall and we had our photo taken. He kissed me on cheek as we had our photo done.

My wish had come true! Niall actually have me his number and Skype name!! 'Call me tonight girl?' 'Sure!' I said, almost screaming.

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