Nialin ๐Ÿ’•


8. Again..

I love Niall so much. I can't believe how close we become after a two days.

Nialls P.O.V

Cailin is so pretty! She is the most amazing girl! I'm so in love with her. I keep thinking about last night. I wonder if she enjoyed it. I know I did. But it was here first time. I hope she was okay with me doing that. I decide to ask her. 'Cailin?' 'Yes gorgeous?' She replies. 'Well.. You know what we did last night' 'yeah' she looks a bit nervous. 'Are you okay with what I did?' 'Yeah, I loved it!' She shouts. 'Niall, Cailin' Harry yells. We walk into the kitchen and Harry scavenging through the cupboard. 'I have to go home now, my sister just called, it was really nice meeting you Cailin' he says. 'Yeah you too :) I'll see you again another time' she replies. 'Bye Harry, see you at rehearsals' as say as I walk him to the door.

Now Harry's gone I decide to keep talking to Cailin about last night. 'So, enjoyed last night?' She walks over to me looks me in the eyes and starts making out with me. As we're kissing she leads me towards the couch. I slowly lay down and she gets on top of me. Woah she's actually doing this. I didn't think she would. She takes if my shirt and I take of hers. She slowly thrust doing exactly as last night but more passionately. I love her so much.

Cailins P.O.V

I didn't even think, I just walked over to him and kissed him. I love him so much! I have never felt like this with another guy. We eventually stopped and he looks at me lovingly. 'That was amazing Cailin, I never thought you would that' he says gasping. 'I didn't think I would either' I laugh. 'I love you Niall Horan' I say. 'I love you too Cailin Momalik' he whispers.

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