Valerie is just a normal 18 year old girl, Justin is not, he's a worldwide pop star, they meet at a HUGE party, they fall In love with each other really quick, will Justin go back to Selena? Will he break Valerie's heart? Or what will he do? Find out in "HeartBreaker"


28. Ditcher >>>> Justin <<<<

Valerie's POV :


                                      So yesterday I beated up Ally.. I don't feel guilty at all


Mom : VALERIE! JUSTIN! Wake up!


Valerie : MOM! NO!


Mom : VALERIE! ITS 10:53, I barley notice you were still here!


Valerie : Mom I'm so tired!


Mom : So? JUST GET UP!


Valerie : FINE!


                                                                    5 minutes later  



Valerie : Uh, Justin, boo, wake up!


Justin ( in a cute morning voice) : I am tired, leave me, go, go without me..


Valerie : Ugh, No Justy..


Justin : What time is it?


Valerie : 11: 04


Justin : dude, whats the point of going to school, if we'll only have to go for 4 hours?


Valerie : I don't know, but my mom said we have to go..


Justin : Valerie you're acting like a 9 year old that is late for school, lets just ditch..


Valerie : No!


Justin : Please, if you love me..


Valerie : Fine.. Let me just go get ready..


Justin : Pack 7 outfits..


Valerie : Uh why?


Justin : we're are going on a getaway, me and you..


Valerie : Justin, stupid plan.. What am I gonna tell my parents?


Justin : that our worldwide class is going to a trip to Paris..


Valerie : Alright.. but where are you taking me?


Justin : Its a surprise..


Valerie : Ugh.. Well imma go pack... I don't know what to pack though..


Justin : Summer clothes.. Bikini, Shorts, crop tops, shoes..other stuff...girl stuff


Valerie : alright.. imma go take a shower...



                                                            20 minutes later 





I got out of the shower, and brushed my teeth, Put on my black strapless tank top, I slipped my gray demi shorts on, and put on my black toms..




Justin : Aye beautiful, you ready?


Valerie : Yeah I am hottie..


Justin : Leggo then..


Valerie : Okay lets pack..


                                          We packed, ate breakfast and went to the airport                                            



Valerie : Can you tell me where we're going now?


Justin : Uh, we are going to New York..


Valerie : NEW YORK? Awesome..


Justin : Okay so now you know, Can you go to that Starbucks and get me a ice coffee?


Valerie : Yeah sure..


Justin : okay heres my credit card..


Valerie : No ill pay..


Justin : Valerie!


Valerie :  Okay fine..



Justin's POV :



                                         So we're aren't really going to New York...                                                    


Justin : Excuse me, ma'am, i'm here to pick up 2 tickets for Justin Drew Bieber..


Lady : Oh okay, my I see your ID?


Justin : uh okay, here you go..


Lady : Okay Justin here you go.. Have a wonderful trip!


Justin : Oh I will, you have a good 1 too, if you ever go on 1..



Justin (Muttering) : Now I gotta hide these from Valerie..


Valerie : Heres your Ice Coffee..


Justin : Thanks Boo..


Valerie : You welcomes, So when is our flight boarding?



Justin : OH SHOOT RIGHT NOW! Lets go, come on..


                                              We got on the plane and found our seats









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