*A punk fanfic*
Alexandria runs into a bit of trouble when she runs into a group of five guys she was always the type who would do as told. Never miss a curfue. But one night she stays out alittle to late.......


4. unofficial

It's been three months of endless "meetings" and I was getting annoyed. They finally agreed about one and a half months ago to let me be on my own. And not have to be watcher over every second. And I was aloud to hang out with other boys. I started hanging out with this guy who is a new co-worker. I'm a model.  Pretty good one might I add. We were paired up. Our agents are the same. Anyway he's super nice. His name's John. He has an adorable laugh his eyes make me melt. He's fit. And sexy as hell might I add. So right now we are at Starbucks right now. It's just after work.
"Ok. Now. I need your phone number. We are hanging out to much to not have each others numbers." He says taking a sip of his hot chocolate. I unlock my phone and so does he and I slide my iPhone over to him and he slides his to me. I type in my number and take a pic of my coffee as my ID. I was about to give it back to him when I saw he was playing on my phone.
"Yo. John." I say and his head snaps up.
"Oh. Sorry." He says and lets out a small laugh handing me my phone. I laugh a little too. And I take a drink.
"Ok. I'm taking you some where." He says putting down his phone.
"Where we going?" I ask.
"Some where." He says and he pulls me into his car. And he blindfolds me. We walk out of the car and he walks me into this place. He takes off the blindfold and I say.
"What am I looking at?" He laughs.
"I work at this bakery!" He says.
"Ok." I say. And he starts hugging people and I see some one around our age cutting bread. John grabs my wrist and takes me to him. He taps the mystery guys shoulder and mystery guy shakes my hand. His tattoo covered hand.
"I'm Harry you are?" He says in an all to familiar voice. I look up from his arm and I almost faint.
"I-I'm Alexandria." I say. And he smirks. Clearly knowing who I was.
"So. I didn't know you were the girl that John is always talking about. Modeling with and all." Harry says. I laugh.
"He really talks about me?" I ask and John is blushing of embarrassment.
"Oh yeah. All about how well you look and how hot you are..." Harry goes on.
"Alright that's enough." John says. "Dria doesn't need to know anything else." Harry blurts out
"He wants to date you." And I start to crack up. Like I fell on the floor. No joke. John said.
"H-he's just joking." I stand up and wipe the tears from my eyes. "I'll be in the car." John says. I nod and Harry says.
"Shouldn't have let you hang out with boys."
"What. Why?" I say.
"Because. He said that today he's gonna ask this girl out. And I asked him to bring her here at four. And you guys came in at exactly four. And Louis is gonna be so mad." He explains.
"Why is Louis gonna be mad?" I ask.
"Because. He wants to control you. Date you. Fuck you. Marry you. And have babies." He says.
"That sucks because. I. Don't. Want. To." I say and turn around and I buy some bread. Because I felt like it. I walk out to Johns car and he takes me to his flat. We go there a lot now. We just hang out at watch stupid movies. We walk in and he asks.
"What did Harry tell you?"
"Just about his band." I say. He was in this weird band. Called One Direction.
"You wanna go to a gig they got tonight?" He asks throwing his coat on to his couch. I do the same. I literally have my own room here. And he has one at mine. We are like that close. Plus Ann and Hanna like him.
"With you or alone?" I ask.
"Well I thought that we could...kinda..go together..." He says scratching the back of his neck.
"John Smith. Are you asking me on a date?" I say.
"Kinda. So would you?" He begs. I know this is against Louis rules but I really don't care.
"Sure." I say and he picks me up and spins me around saying
"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." And I laugh. He puts me down and kisses me on the cheek.
"What time?" I ask.
"Eight." He says. It was four forty-five right now.
"Cool." I say and I grab some food and we sit on the couch. Eating Chinese food we picked up. My feet were on his lap and we were watching sponge bob.
"Why are you so obsessed with this show?" I ask John
"Because. It's a sponge named Bob that lives in a pineapple under the sea." He says and I start to laugh. It was about six o'clock and I walked across his flat to my room I lock the door and I almost scream. Niall was in my room. And he shakes his head in disappointment.
"Dria. Dria. Dria. I thought that you would be smarter than to go out with a boy. And to our gig tonight. Your just asking for Louis to punish you." He says.
"I-I thought that you guys said that you were done doing this." I say.
"We were but Harry told us what happened at the bakery and I just came to hear for myself. Apparently." Niall says standing up. "Just hope that Louis likes this boy." He says putting to fingers under my chin.
"I do. I really do." I say.
"Just be careful Alexandria. He might punish you. Take you to our flat and you might never come back." Niall warns.
"I will." I say.
"Well. I got to go. You know. Got a show in less than two hours. Bye love." He says and jumps on to the fire escape. He climbs down and I let out a sigh. John knocks on the door.
"What was that bang!?!" He yells threw the door.
"My uh I tripped on my bed post." I say.
"Are you ok?" He asks.
"Yeah. I'm fine." I say.
"Alright." He says and I hear him walk away. I walk into my closet. Alright. What would I wear to a punk rock kinda gig. Ok. I pull out some blue skinny jeans that are ripped and have some white paint splattered on it. I pull out a white lace crop top and a black leather jacket. My hair is natural again. Brunette again. Not by my choice. Liam literally took my to the hair salon and had them wash out all the hair dye. It was not fun on my part. The stuff they had to use smelt horrible and then they put the same color as my natural hair. I was basically about to kill Liam afterwards. So anyway I straightened my hair did my makeup and I looked at the time. It was seven. I put one my jeans and the crop top. I look for my converse all stars   I put on my white ones and I grab my leather jacket. Louis texted me on the phone I was given. He expects me at the gig tonight. I put the phone in my pocket and go my door. I shrug into the jacket and I walk out John was waiting for me in his living room. He has a huge flat. No joke. This kid's rich. He said his parents are both lawyers and they pay for everything. All he does is pay for his food. Anyway. John says.
"You look. Different." He says.
"Is that good or bad?" I ask as we walk out.
"It's a really sexy different." He says as we walk to his car.
"Thanks." I say as I laugh a little. We get to this little hole in the wall coffee shop. John holds the door for me. And when we walk in and I see why they are performing there. Like. All the people there are super creepy. Like the kind of people that Louis would hang out with. And I actually look like I belong. Because you can't see my arms. So. Yeah. Harry sees me and waves me over.
"You go get us some seats." I say with a smile.  I walk over and Harry says.
"You and your little friend have some seats right here." I signal John over.
"Sit here." I tell him. Then I bring my voice down to a whisper
"Louis wanted me here. Why?" I ask.
"You'll just have to see." Harry says with a smile and he walks over to the others and I sit by John.
"Do you find these people creepy too?" He asks me.
"Oh yeah." I say and I see the he devils walk up to the stage thing. They start singing songs and then there was this song.
"Alright we're gonna sing rock me." Harry says and Louis winks at me.
"Do you remember summer o9? Wanna go back there every night, just can't lie it was the best time of my life. Laying on the beach as the sun went down. Playin his guitar by the fire to loud. Oh my my they could never shut us down." Harry sings and Louis sings looking at me.
"I used to think that I was better alone. Why did I ever wanna let you go? Under the moonlight as we stared at the sea. The words you whispered I will always believe." And they all sing.
"I want you to rock me. Rock me. Rock me yeah. I want you to rock me. Rock me. Rock me yeah. I want you to hit the petal heavy metal show me you care I want you to rock me. Rock me. Rock me yeah." Oh that is just down right disgusting. And the fact that Louis keeps on winking at me and smirking the whole song makes me want to leave. At the end of the song they say.
"We have one more song for you guys. This is a new one. Originally done by wheatus this is teenage dirtbag." Louis says smiling. Harry starts
"Her name is Noel. I have a dream about her. She rings my bell. I got gym class in half an hour. Oh, how she rocks. In Keds and tube socks. But she doesn't know who I am. And she doesn't give a damn about me." They all sing
" 'Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby.
Yeah, I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby
Listen to Iron Maiden maybe with me."
Niall sings.
"Her boyfriend's a dick. And he brings a gun to school. And he'd simply kick. My ass if he knew the truth. He lives on my block. And he drives an IROC. But he doesn't know who I am. And he doesn't give a damn about me." And they all sing
" 'Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby.
Yeah, I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby.
Listen to Iron Maiden maybe with me."
Zayn sings
"Oh, yeah, dirtbag, no, she doesn't know what she's missin'. Oh, yeah, dirtbag, no, she doesn't know what she's missin'."
Then here come my favorite line and Louis sings
"Man, I feel like mold. It's prom night and I am lonely. Low and behold. She's walking over to me. This must be fake.
My lip starts to shake. How does she know who I am? And why does she give a damn about me." Then Liam sings
"I've got two tickets to Iron Maiden, baby. Come with me Friday, don't say "maybe" I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby, like you." Then they all sing.
"Oh, yeah, dirtbag, no, she doesn't know what she's missin'. Oh, yeah, dirtbag, no, she doesn't know what she's missin'." That was actually good. Shockingly good. I clap and they all jump off the stage. Niall puts his guitar down. And they all walk over to us.
"So what you guys think?" Harry asks us. John says.
"Oh it was really good. I might like actually come here more often." Then they all look at me. I clear my throat and say.
"Oh yeah. It was good. I uh.." I stumble off a bit. "Really liked teenage dirtbag. That's my favorite song." I look at Louis and he smiles and says
"I'm- I mean we are glad that you liked it." Then Niall says.
"So you must be John. Harry told us about you. And your Alexandria. Johns friend. Just friend right."
"I uh- um- a..." I mumble and I feel Louis eyes digging into my soul.
"Actually she's my girlfriend." John says. And I almost drop my mouth. I could see Louis' angry. Probably planing his revenge.
"Is this. True Alexandria?" Louis says with a hint of anger.
"Um. I guess." I say.
"You can't just guess." Harry says.
"Yeah. You can't." Liam chimes.
"Well we just started going out so." I say.
"Ohh so it's unofficial." Louis say relieved.
"Yeah." John mumbles.
"Well is love to hang out with you guys some time. Can we give you our numbers?" Niall says.
"Sure." John says pulling out his phone I do the same and I hand it over even though they are already in my phone. They pretend to type in there numbers on mine. I am give back my phone and I look at it. I put it in my pocket and Harry says.
"How about we all go to John's flat." He says.
"Yeah. That be cool." John says and I nod. "Follow us." And we walk out.

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