*A punk fanfic*
Alexandria runs into a bit of trouble when she runs into a group of five guys she was always the type who would do as told. Never miss a curfue. But one night she stays out alittle to late.......


15. So Happily

Hey guys so I have decided that this chapter will be end of this movella.

Really the last one was but I am just adding a little to it so.

Nobody is reading it any more so.

Sadly I did not end it the way I wanted to so sorry. I will add a short ending to this one here and that is it. So here it goes.


I look over at Louis. I see him muttering something as I pretend to ramble about how I feel bad that John is sick and can't do the show and blah blah blah.

"You really love him." Jimmy says.

"Well I wouldn't call it like true love or anything." I get a glare from one of the people that are in charge of me tonight.

"And why is that?" He asks leaning over his desk and getting the audience to laugh.

"Because we are so young. You can't tell true love at this age, even if that is what everyone wants in life no matter how old." I say and the person who glare at me nods.

"Ah I see." Jimmy leans back in his chair and adds. "Don't want to be to serious eh? Then lets make this less serious. Who wants to play a game with Dria?!"


I look at the tweet again.

Louis_Tomlinson: I know you wanna leave, so come on baby be with me so happily.

Then I finally favorite the tweet and I get a text from Louis almost right after I favorite it.

So Baby..

Be with me so Happily?

I answer

So Happily

Cute little ending. Bye for now.

Psst. Read my other movellas too.

ily all.



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