Break The Ice

Break The Ice; Louis and Kim were lovers, but somehow, Kim passed away from a broken heart/broken promises. Louis was leaving back to London and promised Kim, he'll marry her when he returned to the US. Both Louis and Kim had promised that they'll love eachother forever no matter the distance, no matter the wait, no matter what gets in the way, dead or alive, they'll always love eachother. When Kim passes, no one informed Louis, and when he started seeing her unexpectedly in London, he wish he'd never made that promised. The only way to set himself free from Kim is... to break the ice.


4. Here In London

Eleanor: Louis! 

Louis: Eleanor! *hugs Eleanor* Are you ok? 

Eleanor: *cries* I'm scared she'll come back Louis. 

Louis: Who? 

Eleanor: Kim. 

Louis: She can't come here, she never even met you, and she doesn't even know where you live. 

Eleanor: Louis, I think she's dead. 

Louis: What? She can't be dead. 

Eleanor: Just... trust me Louis! How do you think she came here so fast and to her place so quick. 

Louis: Maybe you're just tired and it's making you see things. 

Eleanor: You would think I would hurt myself? Louis I don't care if you go and see Kim, but I'm telling you, she's dead!  

Louis: Kim is not dead Eleanor, I was just with her! 

Eleanor: *crying* Please just believe me Louis. 

Louis: You want proof that she isn't! I'll call her right now! *calls kim and puts her on speaker* 

Kim: Hello. 

Louis: See, hey Kim, Eleanor, my... 

Kim: Girlfriend. 

Louis: Yeah... she said, you attacked her and you slapped her? 

Kim: What? I would never, Louis I don't even know that girl. I don't even know where she lives. 

Louis: I told you Eleanor! 

Eleanor: She's dead Louis!  

Kim: *laughs* I'm not dead. 

Louis: I'm sorry for calling and bugging you Kim, but did you want to come to London? I can buy you a plane ticket to come. 

Kim: No, I can come myself. 

Louis: Ok, well when you do come, let me know ok. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. 

Louis: See, I told you she's not dead Eleanor. 

Eleanor: You don't know what you're doing Louis, you are not bringing the dead to my house! 

Louis: She's not gonna be staying here! I'm not! I love Kim, and I'm gonna let her stay with me and my mom. 

Eleanor: Don't, I'm begging you Louis, don't let her in your house, she's a threat! She's dangerous! 

Louis: Shut up! 

Eleanor: *shuts up* 

Louis: Go get some rest! Maybe that's all you need! 

Eleanor: You're leaving me? 

Louis: It's over Eleanor. *leaves* 

Eleanor: *cries* 

Kim: I told you to leave us alone. 

Eleanor: *turns around and screams* 

Kim: *smacks Eleanor across the room* 

Louis: Eleanor! *tries to open the door/breaks it and sees Eleanor across the floor* Eleanor, babe, are you ok? *carries Eleanor to the hospital* 

Eleanor: *wakes up and sees kim* 

Kim: *stares at Eleanor mad* 

Eleanor: *closes her eyes tightly* 

Kim: *walks towards kim* 

Eleanor: *closes her eyes tighter* 

Louis: *grabs eleanors arm* 

Eleanor: *screams* Go away! *pushes Louis away* 

Louis: Eleanor! Stop! It's me! It's me! 

Eleanor: *opens her eyes/cries* Louis. *sits up and hugs Louis* 

Louis: What happened? 

Eleanor: I saw her Louis, she was here. 

Louis: Who? 

Eleanor: Kim. 

Louis: Kim's not here, I been in here with you for three hours now. 

Eleanor: *crying* She was standing over there just now. 

Louis: *looks behind him* Eleanor, no one is here. What happened to you? Why did you hurt yourself? 

Eleanor: I didn't do it. *sobs* 

Louis: What? 

Eleanor: Kim did it. 

Louis: Kim? 

Eleanor: She threw me across the room Louis. 

Louis: I don't believe you. 

Eleanor: Louis! Believe me! You really think I'll do this to myself? I'm not a crazy person! 

Louis: I didn't say you were Eleanor. *kisses eleanors forehead* It's late, I'm gonna get going now. 

Eleanor: *scared* No, you can't leave me alone Louis, she might come back. 

Louis: No one is coming to get you babe. Just be strong, I'll be back early in the morning. 

Eleanor: *cries* Please. 

Louis: I can't stay, they won't let me. 

Eleanor: Can't your mom come and stay with me? 

Louis: No, I'm not making her stay with you. 

Eleanor: *crying* 

Louis: Goodnight. *leaves*

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