17 year old Amber lives with her mom in a flat. Life is wonderful and peaceful at home, but what is a pain in the ass is having to deal with her bully. Harry Styles.



7. Chapter 7

~~Harry's POV~~

Amber texted me telling me our plans for today.

'So do you want to do that?'

'Sure but you know instead of going to the movies do you wanna go to my place? My mom left for a month, so Im practically alone tonight(; xx'

'That sounds nice, and why did your mom leave?'

'Well you see she works for a big company and had to stay in Miami for a month. I guess for a business trip?'

'You don't say? Why else would she have to leave to stay in Miami for a whole month Harry?"

'I don't know?'

'Stupid ass motherfucker'

'Hey! Watch your mouth young lady or else.'

'Watcha gonna do about it?'

'Punish you hard and rough(;'

'Your such a tease Harry!'

'Im just playing!'

'Well you better get ready to come cuz Im waiting for you.'

'So eager future Mrs. Styles?'

'Ugh just come already!'



After meeting Amber's mom, I realized where she gets her amazing personality. Her mom is very funny and a little perverted, but she's such a good person.

'Hey can I go to Harry's house instead of the movies mom"

"Sure if you want I'm going out tonight with some of my friends so I won't be back till tomorrow, but you know what sleep at Harry's tonight." Wow did she just say that.

"Oh my god. Are you serious?"

"Sure but stay safe wear protection and have fun you two."

"Thanks I'll see you later, bye"

"Bye Mrs. Troyer."

"Bye guys"


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