17 year old Amber lives with her mom in a flat. Life is wonderful and peaceful at home, but what is a pain in the ass is having to deal with her bully. Harry Styles.



4. Chapter 4

~~Amber's POV~~

After school was over I went to work as usual. I texted my mom to tell her I was going to the park with a friend when my ship was over at six, so she wouldn't worry. I stepped outside when I was done working, then I saw a curly haired boy sitting at a bench watching the littles kids play. Obviously it was Harry. I walked down the street and walked up behind him.

"Hey." He suddenly turned around and when he saw me he had this huge smile on his face.

"Hi!" I sat down next to him. Thigh to thigh. I could feel he was nervous or something because he was kind of shaking.

"Are you cold?"

"What? Oh umm no it's nothi-"

"Why do you get nervous when ever I talk to you Harry. It's not like I bite." Said with a chuckle. You laughed as well. His laugh is so funny and kind of contagious. So I started laughing even more until I was crying and my stomach hurt.

"So um what do you want to do?" He asked feeling more comfortable with me now.

"I don't know you invited me here..."

"Wanna go play in the swings?" Harry asked with the most childish enthusiasm voice I'v ever heard. I never knew this side of Harry, the weird, fun, nervous, side. It was really cute.

"Why not?" We went over to it and I sat on one of the swings. "Harry!"


"Push me?" He chuckled and agreed. Harry started pushing me until I was swinging very high. He got on the one beside me and caught up quickly.

"On the count of three we jump. Ok One... Two... THREE!" We both jumped. And I landed on his chest. We were both laughing and and we suddenly stopped. We just stared at each other. He was staring at my lips then my eyes then my lips again. I wanted to tease him so I leaned in to make him think I was going to kiss him and then I got off his chest and got up to my feet and I started running.

"Got catch me first!" He stood up right away and started chasing me. Damn he's fast. He caught me by my waist with both of his hands to stop me and lifted me up. All of the sudden he swoops me onto his shoulder, and grabs my legs. "Let me go!" I can't control my laugh and playfully hit Harry on his back.

"Will you kiss me if I do?"

"Wha- NO." I was still laughing.

"Then I wont let you down."

"Ugh alright." I did want to kiss him. Really really bad.

"And you promise not to run away?"

"I promise Harry." He let me down and grabbed me by the waist . Leaned our bodies together and kissed me. I felt sparks and then I felt butterflies in my stomach. Ahh I love this feeling. We pulled away, and Harry smiled. He hugged me and whispered in my ear.

"Your the most beautiful girl I'v ever met. I'm sorry I hurt you." He pulled back and I saw that a tear ran down his cheek. I whipped it away.

"It's the past forget about it already." He kissed me once more.

It was already 7:58pm and I had to go home.

"I gotta go Harry. Can you walk with me to my flat?"

"Of course."

When we arrived he pulled me into a kiss and left. He gave me his number as well. I stepped into my house and saw my mom watching tv.

"Hey mom!"

"Oh hey babe how did it go."


"What happened? C'mon tell me."


"I can notice the look on your face like.. Your in love Amber. Who's the lucky guy?" I sighed and sat next to her.

"Well I was with this boy named Harry. He's such a nice guy."

"Awww I'm happy for you Amber I haven't seen you this happy since a long time ago."

"Yeah well I gotta do my homework."

"Alright if you want there's pizza on the table in the kitchen."

"Ok mom"

~~Author's Note~~

Hello! So you guys have been so awesome. Comment if you think I should make the chapters longer..

I'll try to update as much as I can when I go back to school, because I'm probably not going to have to much time:\

Also comment how you like the story so far(;

Well ily guys as always! -Lexi xx

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