17 year old Amber lives with her mom in a flat. Life is wonderful and peaceful at home, but what is a pain in the ass is having to deal with her bully. Harry Styles.



19. Chapter 18

~Harry's POV~

"Where are you taking me?" Amber asked very curiously.

"It's a surprise."

"Well what's today?"


"I know but, what's so special?"

"Nothing. I just want to surprise you with something."

"Okay then."

We were in the car and I was driving. Today I wanted it to be the most special day of our lives.


"We're here beautiful." We got out of the car, I held her hand and we walked along the beach. It was a beach no one knew about, and right next by it was a beach house.

"Why are we here Harry?"

"Well I just wanted to spend time with my beautiful girlfriend." She gave me a warm smile.

"Awwe. I love you so much Harry." She leaned in and gave me a kiss. I pulled back and said,

"I love you more."


It was close to 8pm. Amber and I went for a swim in the beach and then we took a shower. After that we had dinner.

"Okay so what do you wanna do?" I asked Amber, she was laying next to me on the couch watching tv.

"Umm I really don't know, I'm bored though."

"You know what?"


"I actually have something for you.." I said standing up.

"Well what is it?"

"Wait here." I went up stairs and got a guitar. It was Niall's but he gave it to me. I went back down stairs and Amber was sitting up looking at me with a confused expression. I sat next to her.

"What do you want me to sing?"

"Ummm.. What about 'I'm Yours'?"

"Alright." I started singing the song. I was staring into Ambers beautiful eyes. I remembered the first time I ever did. That brought up horrible memories. I regretted everything I ever did to her. When the song was over, I sat the guitar down and started singing 'Marry You'.

When the song ended I got something out of my pocket, got down on one knee, opened up a small box and said, "Will you marry me?" The moment I said those words, Amber looked speechless. Instead of saying yes, Amber kept nodding in response. Tears were streaming down her face. I slid the ring on her finger. I stood up and gave her the biggest hug ever.

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