17 year old Amber lives with her mom in a flat. Life is wonderful and peaceful at home, but what is a pain in the ass is having to deal with her bully. Harry Styles.



15. Chapter 14

*Harry's POV*

It was Saturday and I was home alone, watching tv. I was bored so I decided to head over to the mall to get my mind off things. I got dressed grabbed my keys and drove off to the mall.

*Amber's POV*

"C'mon lets go to the mall!" My best friend Katie yelled, I met her one day at the café. I love her to death, she's such a weirdo. She's the same age as me. Katie is my roommate, we live in a flat. It's fairly big and we're pretty happy where we live.

"Why? I'm really tired!"

"Aww for me please? We haven't gone out in 2 weeks Amber, and I'm freaking out! I need to shop!"

"Ugghhhh!! Okay but your gonna have to pay me back a favor. Just remember that."

"Yeah yeah, I know. Now hurry let's get dressed!"

**30 Minutes Later**

"Katie it's only the mall, we're not going to a wedding. Why are you taking so long?" She was in the bathroom curling her hair. She wore some white booty shorts, a pink shirt with lace in the back, and her white converse. I was wearing denim booty shorts, a black shirt, and some flip flops, and for my hair I did a messy bun. My makeup, same as always, mascara and eye liner. I was watching her from the bed as she did her hair. When she was finished she applied eyeliner with a small wing and mascara. She stepped out and smiled.

"Soooo? How do I look?"

"You look sexy. Are we leaving now?"

"Yes lets go!" We grabbed our bags and our phone, we went down stairs. I grabbed the keys and locked the door.

The drive to the mall was fun. We had the music on blast and we were singing along to songs, I was laughing uncontrollably, because Katie being her lovely self was acting silly.

"Okay we're here." I said putting the car on park.

"Yay!" Katie exclaimed, we got out of the car. "Oh shit!"


"I have a wedgie!" Katie whispered yelled.

"Don't say that now I think I'v giving myself a bit of a wedgie as well."

"Sorry. Lemme pick it out. It feels like I'm wearing a damn thong!"


"Let's go to Forever21!!"

"Okay Katie. C'mon." We spent like 1 and a half hour in there and finally bought something. After that we went to a few other stores like Hollister, Victoria's Secret ect.

"Are you hungry?" I asked looking at Katie.

"Yeah, let's go get a Subway." We walked over to the food court. After we ordered our sandwich, we sat down at one of the tables and began to eat.

"What do you think of that guy over at that table?" Katie mentioned over to a table where a boy with brown hair and blue eyes was sitting.

"Mmm.. To tall, I give him a seven. Okay what about blondie behind you?" She smirked and turned around.

"Holy fuck he's a perfect ten. Alright how about curly sitting one table behind you. I turned around and my eyes went wide. I turned around quickly before he saw me. "Sooo.. Isn't he sexy?"

"Uhh ummm yeah."

"What's wrong it looks like you've seen a ghost."

"Oh it's nothing." Katie gave me a serious look.

"Amber tell me."

"Okay so do you remember how I told you about my last ex? Harry?"


"Don't stare to much but.. Thats him."

"Holy fu-" I covered her mouth before she could say any more. "That's him?" I nodded. "Well wheres that sluty bitch of Kristy?"

"I don't know, but I want to leave." I stood up.



"I wanna finish my sandwich Amber."

"You can finish in the car. Hurry let's go."

"Fine." Katie said rolling her eyes, she got up and we left.

*Harry's POV*

I sat at a table by myself, I was on my phone. As I looked around the mall something caught my eye. I saw a familiar face, well more like a familiar body, legs , hair. It almost looked like Amb- NO I'm losing my mind. I drew my attention back to my phone when I heard something,

"I wanna finish my sandwich Amber." What the fuck? Amber? Is that really her? I looked up and thats when she turned around. She didn't see me. Instead she walked away with her friend. I finally found her, and I'm gonna get her back.

~Author's Note~

Alrighty so there you have it. I hope you guys like it. Please like and favorite(; also comment what you think.

I thought it was a little bit longer than other chapters? Well I'll try to update as soon as possible. I love you guys-Lexi xx

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