17 year old Amber lives with her mom in a flat. Life is wonderful and peaceful at home, but what is a pain in the ass is having to deal with her bully. Harry Styles.



11. Chapter 10

~~Harry's POV~~

I was glad school was almost over, I just wanted to graduate and work somewhere. I like school, I'm not saying I hate it. I get good grades. I rarely get in trouble now that I stopped hanging out with my old friends.

When school was over at the end of the day, I wanted to walk Amber home. I go back to my place and decide to watch tv. I hear a bang on my door, so I get up and open it. I get hit by surprised when I see who it is. Kristy.

"I thought I told you not t-" she cuts me off by crashing her lips to mine she pushes me back, closes the door and keeps kissing me. I push her face away and she accidentally hits her head on the wall. It was a loud bang. I chuckle a bit then I manage to make a straight face. The expression on her face is priceless and it looks like shes about to cry. "So are you planing to leave or should I call the cops and tell them you damaged my wall?" She glared at me and left. After that I just started laughing my head off. There's nothing more funny than to see your bitchy ex get hurt.

Author's Note

Hii! I am really sorry this chapter is short. I can't really think of anything. It's kinda late I am very tired. Comment what you think will or should happen.

Just wanted to publish so I wouldn't keep you guys waiting:\ love ya -Lexi xx

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