Shiver, Linger and Forever (by Maggie Stiefvater) Poem(s)

these are poems I've made, from Maggie Stievfater's 'Shiver' series. If you are a fan of the Shiver series by Maggie Stiefvater, I would love to here from you!! Also, if you have any poems/songs that you would like me to put in this book, I would be happy to! All credit will be given to the person who gave it to me :)


1. Grace

  I sit in this skin,

      Just waiting for the days I can tell him I love him,

      Need him, want his hands on mine,

      While he sits in that skin,

      No one knowing when he will change,

      When I might lie in his arms once again,

      We’ve been through so much; it’s hard to believe,

      What has happened these past few months,

      I question the thoughts of my winter wolf,

      And what path has been laid for us,

      But what is the point of love,

      Without a little bit of curiosity?

      But this curiosity spreads too far,

      I was bitten, long ago,

       Now to pay the price,

      The price you ask is big,

      This price has no receipt, no return,

      Like a library book with no ink set date,

      Or music set on repeat with no button to stop,

      The feeling in my heart is wanting, so Sam and I,

       We can be together Forever, Lingering in our Shivering skin.

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