Mina & Victoire Black

Victoire and Mina are your normal every day girls, but with one slite diffrence from most in their elimentry school. Their mother died affter they were born, their father left when they were young . But these tiwns have more to think about than having no parents that they knew were still alive.


1. what?

"Mina, Victoire time to get up." cherped miss Arina through the door to their room. Mina got up and started to brush her hair. "Vic time to get up."Mina yawned doing up her sky blue dress."Fine" Victoire murmered sleepely "and don't call me Vic". They were fraternal twins Victoire had waist linght raiven black hair and pail gray eyes, and Mina had shoulder linght golden hair and emerald green eyes. Just as Victoire put on her last shoe miss Arina cherped "Hurry, hurry, last again I see Victoire."she gazed at the others "no" Victoire muttered "Ana's not here." They all ate fast for the last ones to finish have to do the dishes alone. Victoire was the first of all them -evHogwartste started to eat after the rest- so she ran of and Mina followed shortly after. Victoire and Mina sat under a wonderful blooming weeping willow in the nearby park and started to read. Victoire looked up at the sun that was setting in the distance. " Mina we should get back" Victoire said.
When the twins got back miss Arina chirped- like allways- calmly "Mina, Victoire you have a visitor."  They nodded and went into the room miss Arina had pointed towards. In the small room sat an old man with half Moon glasses baleced on his nose and a longer beard than eather of them have ever seen. "Ahh, you must be Mina and Victoire" he said ever so calmly "I am Albus Dumbledore headmaster of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry"the girls sat and stared at him like he had lost their minds."Sir" Mina asked softly " why did you want to see us" He smiled kindly and said "have you ever done something strange wile you were happy, angry,or sad" both of them nodded, Mina was smiling excitedly wile Victoire was shocked at what he said next " that is because you two are witches" Mina seemed lost for words as she looked at Victoire, so Victoire asked the question that was on both of their minds "Sir how do you know we're witches" even her voice sounded scared but Dumbledore just laughed kindly and said " I have my ways."he paused briefly -as if he were thinking- than continued " you two will be attending Hogwarts"

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