Mina & Victoire Black

Victoire and Mina are your normal every day girls, but with one slite diffrence from most in their elimentry school. Their mother died affter they were born, their father left when they were young . But these tiwns have more to think about than having no parents that they knew were still alive.


2. shopping

Mina and Victoire had gotten all their books, their robes and each had gotten a cauldron useing some money some one had left for each of them Mina skimmed their list of school supplies jumped up and yelped softly " We need to get our wands!" Victoire had forgotten about getting a wand. They raced to Olivander's and gazed briefly at the rows and rows of shealfs full of long thin boxes, then they noticed a young wizard with white blond hair standing in front of the counter, Mina sat down in a wooden chair against the wall. The boy turned around and saw Victoire and he said proudly " hello I'm Draco, Draco Malfoy" Victoire replied just as proud if not more "I'm Victoire and this is my twin sister Mina" she pointed over her shoulder to her sister "are you going to Hogwarts too? " Draco laughed and responded harshly "Of course I am!"and at that moment Olivander returned to the counter and handed Draco his wand and Draco left. "Hello there,"he chirped happily "let me just get some measurements wich is your wand hand?" Mina raised her right arm and Victoire her left "sisters?" Olivander questioned, so they nodded.He left into the back and returned moments later with his arms full of long thin boxes and handed one wand each to the girls saying " give them a wave" Mina's was perfect wile Victoire's had destroyed a vaise of flowers, Olivander turned to Victoire frowned and muttered " no, no definitely not." Then turned to Mina, and with a smile said "Twelve inches exactly, pine, dragon heart string core, rather flimsy" so Mina sat down again as Olivander handed Victoire wand after wand none were right he went to the back of the store again, when he returned he only had one box and he handed the wand to Victoire. Victoire gave the wand a wave and nothing exploded or got destroyed - Olivander looked relieved- he looked pleased as he carefully said " ten and a half inches, elder, black unicorn hair, very sturdy " he added laughing "it took me two months to find that unicorn." Olivander bid them good day so they went back to the leaky cauldron


Note* Sorry this capter is so short

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