U (Harry Styles not famous)

Lily and Harry have been dating for a few years. They are the cutest couple ever. The will starting University in just a few days! Lily is so nervous but she can't wait to meet new people. Harry though is not nervous at all. In fact, he is too much confident. And that is what will break them.


1. Prologue

It all started in 9th grade. Harry was in History class when a girl entered the room. He had never seen her before. She handed over a piece of paper to the teacher, which he observed for a few moments. 

" Class, meet Lily our charming new student. Lily you may take a seat next to Harry. " 

Lily looked at him a bit embarrassed. He laughed and said :

" Oh, sorry. Right over there next to the curly-haired head guy. " 

She walked over Harry slowly, all eyes watching her carefully. Her cheeks turned pink when she sat at her desk and Harry shyly waved at her. 

" Ok, so please get into groups of two for the next project. " Said the teacher. 

Lily didn't know what to do, she didn't know anyone. She looked around but no one seemed interested except for Harry. 

" So, want to be my team mate? " He said.

Since then, they never left each other's side...


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