Vampire Hybrid

Cara Martin finally finds out who she is. After she knows the truth about herself, Cara sets out on an adventure to find out who her parents are. On her quest to find out who she really is, she will face all kinds of danger.


10. Chapter 9

Cara's POV

When I woke up the next morning, there was a new outfit for me to wear. It was a black silk dress that flowed down to the ground. There was also a pair of red stilettos. I wondered if The Faceless One had an obsession with playing real life barbie or something. This was just ridiculous. I got dressed quickly and was about to walk out of the room when a huge swarm of hell fairies came in and started attacking my face and hair with various beauty products. What the hell?

A few minutes (more like half an hour) later, they ushered me into the throne room of the Faceless One. Again, Jasper was already there, standing on the right side of the throne. The only difference was that said Faceless One wasn't there. I wondered why. 

I looked around myself. The Hall was oddly quiet. It gave me a bad feeling. Suddenly, a gust of wind passed through the room. Shivering, I looked at Jasper to see if he had noticed it. But he wasn't moving, not a single bit.

"Jasper?" I asked, walking slowly towards him. Seeing that no one was stopping me, I walked faster, finally breaking into a run. "Jasper!"

I stopped when I was right in front of him. His eyes were wide and unseeing. I raised a hand to his cheek. It was cold as ice. My hands immediately flew to his neck as I frantically searched for a pulse. There was none. Then a thought struck me. He was a vampire. So obviously, he would have no pulse. I banged my forehead with my palm. God I was stupid sometimes.

What could I do to...wake him up? 

"Jasper?" I asked, looking him in the eye. His crimson eyes were fixed on the wall behind me.

I lifted my hand again, gently carressing his cheek. He was supposed to be my boyfriend right? Maybe if I tried a different approach...

"Jasper honey, it's me, Cara." I said softly, still searching his eyes for some sign of life. Nothing.

All of a sudden, there was a crash from behind me. I spun around, sending my hair flying into my face. 

What I saw horrified me. There were two dragons standing right there. One was jet black and the other a deep shade of royal blue. And in between them...a girl dressed in black leather with dramatic make-up, about fifteen, with long platinum blond hair. Danielle.

"Restrain her." my best friend said.

I wondered for a moment what was going on. Why was Danielle acting like this. Then a pair of arms were around my waist. I tried to struggle but it was of no use. Danielle laughed.

I looked behind me to see who was holding me in place. Jasper. What was he doing?

"Poor stupid girl." Danielle said, looking at me bemusedly. "He is lost forever. I have got him in my clutches. I control him." 

"Jasper, please." I pleaded, ignoring the voice that said he was gone forever. "I may not remember you, but I'm sure you meant alot to me. Please Jasper, do what you told me when I lost my memory, fight whatever curse he had put on you." I turned back to look at Danielle. "What are you doing. Does Faceless One have you under a curse too? What happened Danielle?"

Said girl let out another laugh.

"Oh please. I am under no curse. And my name is not Danielle. It's Yuki. I am the daughter of The Devil himself." she said coldly.

''What have you done to Danielle?" I shouted.

"Danielle? Danielle never existed. I am Danielle."


A/N: Yuki means snow in japanese (or at least I think it does. Sorry to those who actually speak japanese if I'm wrong.)

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