Vampire Hybrid

Cara Martin finally finds out who she is. After she knows the truth about herself, Cara sets out on an adventure to find out who her parents are. On her quest to find out who she really is, she will face all kinds of danger.


8. Chapter 7

Jasper's POV

The pain was unbearable. It was like something was clawing at your chest from the inside, slowly ripping your heart out while your body was on fire. The Devil (that was the slender man dude) loved seeing others suffer so whatever opportunity he had, that's exactly what he would do. He was probably going to question Cara about her special hybrid abilities now. This was not going to be good. She didn't remember a thing so that meant more pain for me. Great. My theory is that the that stupid dragon that caught us somehow threw a curse on Cara to make her forget everything supernatural by accident since dragons had so much magic in them. I just had to hope that Cara had enough brains to think about lying and invent some special powers to buy some time. Of course she had the brains, she was Cara and a hybrid after all. Even thought she didn't know that last part yet, or didn't remember it.

Cara's POV

The Faceless One was starting to seriously freak me out. Okay so first, he says this hot guy (I gotta admit it, he is hot) is my boyfriend (that really wouldn't be that bad, I gotta say) and then he thinks I have some kind of supernatural power and now he's questioning me about myself and this "boyfriend" of mine that he says is a vampire. I really hope I'm just dreaming. If this is actually happening, I think I might pass out. 

"What can you, as a hybrid, do?"

What the hell is a hybrid? How am I supposed to answer this question if I don't even know what he's talking about? I need more time to answer. I close my eyes as the guy, Jasper, starts writhing on the ground in pain again. I can see that he's clenching his teeth to not scream out. I have to say something. Um...I can fly? Perfect!

"I can fly!" I shout out.

"Really? What else?"

Um...I need to think fast.

"I am also almost immune to any type of pain and I have some healing abilities."

Where did I get that from? What ever. Right now I need to think of how to get me and this Jasper guy out of here.

"So you say you are immune to any types of pain huh?Do you have a weakness? What is it?"

"Um...Hell fire."

This is really interesting. I just hope Faceless One here doesn't suddenly decide to actually dump me into hell fire to test that out. I'm not to sure I'd survive that.

"Do you know where your parents are?"

Of course I know! But I wouldn't tell him that. I have to lie.

"No, I don't know where my parents are, I don't have any and if I do, I never met them."

Faceless one seemed satisfied with my answer. Good. I didn't need him running after my parents and hunting them down or something. I looked over at Jasper guy. He seemed extremely worn out and looked like he was about to black out. Was the pain really that bad? And was there any way I could escape this place with him?

"You will come back tomorrow for another questioning session. For the moment you two can go back to that cell you were in."

Was I really that lucky? It's like Faceless One was reading my thoughts (which he could) and being nice to me (which was perfectly impossible). The guards dragged us out again. I was half supporting the Jasper guys weight so it took a while to get to the big cell/room we'd been in earlier. Then the guards left us alone in the damp, dark room.

"Are you okay?" I asked the guy.

"Yeah. I'm fine." he said while cringing slightly. No, he was not fine. Just the expression on his face told me that.

"You don't look fine. You should rest. We still have another questioning session with Faceless One tomorrow, you would want to get some sleep." I told him.

He laughed. It was a nice sound. Kinda bell like.

"What?" I said, irritated.

"Faceless One? Is that the best you could do?" he asks me, still laughing like crazy.

"Well, he doesn't have a face so...yeah, best I can do.''

"You know he's the Devil right?'' he says, suddenly serious.

"Nope, didn't know that until, well, just now. That's why I came up with an adorable nickname for him." I said, the last part slightly sarcastic.

He laughs once more before cringing slightly again. His hair is ruffled and there are dark circles under his eyes.

"Sleep." I tell him.

He looks at me weirdly before nodding and smiling at me. Then closes his eyes and lays down on the hard ground. I imitate him and soon, I fall asleep one that cold, hard ground. I must a been very tired. Or I would never sleep in this hell hole.

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