Vampire Hybrid

Cara Martin finally finds out who she is. After she knows the truth about herself, Cara sets out on an adventure to find out who her parents are. On her quest to find out who she really is, she will face all kinds of danger.


4. Chapter 3

Cara's pov

I looked into Jasper's face. Why wouldn't he tell me? Whatever. It was probably something personal that I really didn't need to know. I sighed. We'd been traveling all day and still no sign whatsoever that my parents may be here. Jasper seemed sorta scared which scared me because he was a vampire so her couldn't be scared of humans which meant that... something that could hurt a vampire might be watching us and that wasn't exactly reassuring. Jasper kept reassuring me that it was next too impossible to kill a hybrid but it was Jasper I feared for. I'd only known him for a few hours but it already felt like he had been my best friend for life.That feeling stayed for the rest of the day and I kept my eyes pealed for any danger.


Jasper's pov

I was thinking about my feelings for Cara when a odd sound pulled me out of my thoughts. It was a scream. My head snapped up just in time to see a set of purple wings fly up towards the sky. I sighed and jumped up into the nearest tree. I may not be able to fly but I can jump very high for longer than humans, as if gravity didn't affect me as much. I used the tree to kick off of and bounced up towards Cara. She saw me and flew straight over to were i was. I landed with both my feet on the ground as she did so to beside me. 

"Get on my back. I think I just saw a dragon. I think I heard you mention dragon claws are one of the thing that can kill  vampire so if you don't want to risque your life, I suggest we go away." she told me.

I felt really useless just clinging onto her back so instead I asked her:

"I can make a basket we could tie onto your feet if you don't mind. Then I could go in the basket."

She agreed and I took off immediately too go find the right materials from the city. A few minutes later I came back with a bunch of stuff in my hands and we started putting wooden planks and ropes together. As we could both do things at an unusual speed, we finished pretty fast. I tied the result to her feet and got in.


Cara's pov

While we were walking i saw something with black wings that looked like a dragon fly across the sky, holding a girl in his claw that looked oddly like her best friend, Danielle. The girl screamed. I kicked off the ground without thinking but before I could do anything, they just vanished. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Jasper kick off a tree and come flying/jumping in my direction. I flew over to him and he landed on the ground. I told him to get on my back because there was a dragon but instead he asked if it was ok to make a basket and tie it to my feet. I gave him a quick nod, telling him that her could and he dashed off towards the city, probably to go steal some material to make a basket out of. When her came back we immediately started to build it and finished in a record time. I flew up 3 meters so that he could tie the ropes attached to the basket onto my legs. He got in and I felt my wings spring out of my back I closed my eyes and my wings started to beat then we were up in the airs. I looked ahead and almost fainted. The beast I had seen earlier, the dragon, was back with a few of his friends. Five of them. All a different color. Black, blood red, royal blue, emerald green and snow white. 

"All five dragons in one place... fire, water, earth, and airs. Even the devils dragon pet, the biggest..." Jasper muttered "They must really want you."

He chuckled darkly. Great, all the elements plus the boss. How in the world would we survive this?

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