Someone I Used To Know

A different take on long lost siblings meeting again...


4. Chapter 4

I wondered who it was that grabbed my ankle... All I had to do was look - then that would be it. Then I would know. But I couldn't dare myself to do it... Instead I wondered what everybody on the road was doing, discovering a green beam falling down from the sky that lifts people up, and takes them to an imaginary land. That imaginary land was a spaceship, the same one that took me away eight years ago. It stole me from my back garden and took me as a science experiment, once they were done, they promised to set me free. They kept that promise for fifteen minutes, before snatching me back onto the spaceship.

Here I was know. In an empty metal room, full of just two human beings. One of which being myself.

I thought it was completely silent other than the ringing sound in my head, but my hearing came back after the shock and I entered reality hearing my name constantly screamed at me... over and over again... 'Dan!' a female voice called, 'Dan! DAN!' Slowly I twisted my neck, still having the stranger scream in my face. I was shocked - how did she know who I was? We may have communicated when I was younger, but how could she recognise me at this moment? Even I couldn't tell the difference between myself then and now.

Her face was soft and beautiful. Curved smoothly all around with high cheek bones. Her eyes were large, but not so much that she appeared startled, or made you feel uncomfortable. They were brown and creamy, with hidden flecks of hazel complimenting her thick black eyelashes as lighter shades. In a mixture of ringlets and waves, almost white, blonde locks rolled down either side of her face but not on top of it. Perhaps they just fell to the side from her transportation from ground to here, but either way, her hair was pushed back to the perfect position. Now everybody could see true beauty.

Her lips were naturally plump, with a light coral colour. Despite being worn out and tired, she looked amazing. Sadly, it was certain I couldn't say quite the same for .myself

'Dan! Can you hear me?' She continued, seeing I had the potential to be taking in what she's saying. Gently, I nodded once, 'Do you know who I am?'

It was like she was speaking to a child, as I shook my head not attempting to make any sounds.

'Come on, Dan...' She moaned in annoyance, clutching her face with her hands. Perhaps I did somewhere, understand exactly who she was. By the way she was acting, it felt wrong. It felt so wrong to have the ability to shake my head, when obviously I should be nodding. To make her happy, I actually considered it, but stopped deciding it was worse to lie. I'd wait for her to tell me instead. I almost fainted when she did, 'Dan - it's me! It's your sister - Rose!'

There was no anger inside of me, but I had sudden urge to hit her. Possibly to let out a hidden emotion deep down inside.

My mouth opened, and I was about to say something but I had no idea what but my speech was stopped as the aliens poured into the room and dragged us into the one next door. Unsurprisingly, Rose repeatedly screamed at their sight wriggling, struggling, trying to break free. Meanwhile, I simply let them take me, control me no different to any times before. It was much more simple and easy. With experience, I understood it was also a lot safer.

Just then I realised that they'd taken me back. I wasn't completely concentrating, just attempting to run from the police and the other humans that oddly lurked around watching my every movement, my every step.

The answer to what they exactly wanted from me was oblivious to my mind. I wandered whether Rose would know, whether she'd have the answer to the questions. And our mum... our dad... where were they? Perhaps they were running after me too. I didn't look to see... Then I realised, what if I was never to leave this ship again? And I'd missed the chance to see my parents for the last time by running.

It was all too much for me... so I blacked out right in front of the door into the aliens arms were I belonged, and would be forever.

I wasn't ready for family, and never would be.

Each one of them was just someone I used to know.


I awoke in the hospital, in the same bed as every over time I was ill. Ten single beds are dotted around the room, but until now only one person had actually made use of them - me. Only this time, another human had came to join me, Rose. Her large eyes on mine, not blinking once. It was frightening, but comforting all at the same... it made me feel homely.

'Dan...' too many times had I heard her speak my name today 'What happened?'

What happened the night I was taken away. What happened to me in the eight years captured as a prisoner, but treated like royalty. 'I don't know'. It was the first thing I'd said to her for what felt like forever. She was my sister, but I couldn't open up to her like the average sibling would as I didn't know her. Not really. She wasn't the same eleven year old girl... she was now a nineteen year old  young adult who thinks wiser, clearer questions anything out of the ordinary, 'A light shone on me, and took me away. They let me go after eight years, but took me back fifteen minutes later. You probably don't know much more than me'. 

Her shoulders begun shaking and two tears rolled down her left cheek. It was pain for me to watch someone who used to be so close cry. It was odd for me to watch my older sister feel sympathy towards me. That's what I suspected the tears to be for, although it could be like me - confusion.

'What happened to you?' it was inconsiderate to have asked whilst Rose cried, but in the end nothing mattered anymore, and the questions were going to be asked at some point.

'Same old... but I have to tell you something', her head dropped down so she didn't have to look at me, so I instantly decided I didn't want to know.

'Do I have to hear it?'

She nodded vigorously, seriously, 'Yes, but it can wait if you wish - just not too long'.

'I want to wait'.

'Okay', she let out a sniff before looking back at me again, red rings around her eyes from crying. It was silent even though there were so many questions I could and wanted to ask, just didn't get round to asking them. It felt like I was intruding into her life, asking things that were too personal. It was my family as well as hers... it was.

Luckily, her mouth opened and actual words flew out breaking the silence. I was too pleased and too shocked to understand what she said though, leading to asking her to repeat. It made her annoyed, probably more annoyed than she would be normally though with the situation given.

'Well I was asking about the... people. The ones who run this' she paused, thinking hard even though this was her second turn at speaking, 'I mean, who and what are they? Why did they do this to you?'

'They're nice you know, and they're aliens. They're running a test on human kind, and they're running it on me,' I sigh, 'it was supposed to be finished yesterday. Today was the beginning of my life... it was supposed to be...' tears built up behind my eyes, but I don't let them fall. I shouldn't have to cry right now. I shouldn't have to feel awkward around my sister, my family. A quick visit to my home town should be simple. Everything was wrong because of that night...

I used to consider it as my fault. Going against my parents rules, sneaking out into the garden when they clearly said "no". Now I was looking at things with a different point of view seeing them how they really are. Who really caused everything to go wrong in not just my families life, but mine. Life won't be the same with my lack of education, knowledge. For all I know, I could be training to be a doctor, a scientist. We'll never get the chance to find out though.

My own family ruined everything. Their lack of monitoring, care, concentration. Just locking the back door would've made all the difference. Standing up, looking me in the eye and saying no strongly. It was all I wanted - attention. Instead I was isolated, making decisions for myself. Rose did see me, but didn't stop me herself... it could've worked if she did. Me and her would've got into a fight instead forgetting all about outside and the stupid game of football.

So I spoke my mind, 'It's all your fault you know', she looked at me shocked, with slight disgust, 'You triggered my disappearance, then just stood there staring as I floated in the sky... you didn't call the police or anything... you didn't try!'

'You don't know what it's been the like down there -' she spoke steadily before I cut her off.

'What about up here?'

'I know but you don't understand -'

'You got a proper life!'

'It's not that simp-'

'I didn't! Did I?'

'We couldn't have done anything! What -'

'Just try! Attempt!'

'Life's been hell -'

'Do you know what I've been through?'

'Tell me then! Since you love your voice so much!' I could her body lift then sink as she breathed heavily, nostrils flaring lips glued together with force. I was about to pour my heart out, explain exactly what was going on in the mean time when things weren't quite so perfect. I was about to go into every little detail, make her feel like she was actually there experiencing it when we were interrupted once more by a female alien. I recognised her at once as Yutfra, the kind loving person who comforted me when I was abducted. I felt bad knowing who she was so quickly when I didn't understand who my sister was until she told me.

'Get out!' she hissed in English, 'Follow!'

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