Someone I Used To Know

A different take on long lost siblings meeting again...


3. Chapter 3

You need my eyes,

To see beneath,

The layer of feelings,

That were painted with lies.

You need my touch,

To feel beneath,

The brick wall,

Made from disguise.


You need my breath,

To breathe beneath,

The shield of force,

Powered by judge.

You need my fingers,

To grasp beneath,

The blanket of skin,

Thread with grudge.


You need my lips,

To kiss beneath,

The fountain of poison,

Poured with hate.

You need my knees,

To kneel beneath,

The pillow of knives,

Stuffed with fate.


You need my fear,

To cower beneath,

The row of gods,

That speak bad news.

You need my courage,

To stand above,

The row of bullies,

That enjoy abuse.


You need my past,

To pray beneath,

The devils home,

That's full of defeat.

You need my present,

To die beneath,

A home of strangers,

You don't want to meet.


You need my life,

To hide beneath,

Run back home,

And find your way.

You need my heart,

To love beneath,

Run back home,

And hate your day.

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