Someone I Used To Know

A different take on long lost siblings meeting again...


2. Chapter 2

It was confirmed, I was definitely right about my location. Therefore I was correct in thinking that I was only ten minutes away from my home. Only ten minutes from the place I used to live. Never before had I been so thrilled and excited, 'This is it. This could be it', I constantly muttered to myself. Luckily no one was sight, or able to see me. One thing I panicked about were the consequences, and the reactions of others. What exactly would happen? Then another thing hit me - what if my family weren't there? Not just gone out for half an hour, but forever?

More tears traced the dried up paths of my previous waterfalls. This had to stop. I couldn't cry at every bad thought.

Vigorously, I wiped them away. I felt small, and timid - just like a child again. In the scariest moment of my life, I didn't shed one tear and I was only ten years old. Now I'm eighteen, an adult and should accept every bit of life in a careless fashion... but I couldn't. Acceptance was too hard, too complicated. I'd rather sit at home, constantly opening rejectance letters from universities than stumble across a field, dressed as an alien looking for long lost loved ones.

Then I spotted that I wasn't stumbling, my feet were pressed firm to the ground as I squatted down on the floor. Crumbling mud built up around my ankles, already I was staining my clothes turning back to the negative things planet earth had to offer. My body felt stiff, and extremely heavy compared to how I was just a few minutes ago. As I attempted standing, I shook like a foal taking it's first ever steps. My arms spread out to keep balance, and luckily, it worked. Carefully, I pushed my left leg out keeping it hanging in mid air for a couple seconds, before having it dragged down to the ground. Gravity. I could've kept it hanging for longer, but the force was strong causing pain. Another step I took. Then another. Then another.

Eventually, I returned to my normal rhythm still feeling my body push against the grassy surface. Before too long, I'd reach the road I grew up on. The road where everything changes.

For the first time in years, I spotted faces of humans - the same kind as me. Despite spying my reflection in the mirror each day, it was odd to find another in proportion. Each the mouth, nose and eyes being the same size. So familiar... So comforting... I wondered if I'd ever met those people before. I wondered if I ever acknowledged them. Just maybe they could be friend with my parents, or Rosie - my sister. What were they thinking just now? What would they think if they saw me?

A never ending trail of cars rested along the isolated street. A clean, sparkling red vehicle sat right beside them. The women plunged a key into the hole before opening a door and climbing inside. Ways of my kind slowly crawled back to me. It would only be a while... Things would be fine.

Soon I'd feel like a proper human.

Not part alien.

Through the dark glass of the car, I swore the women's eyes brush over me - the random boy stranded in a field, dressed for an unknown occasion. I was probably wrong though. But then again, how could I be sure? Would she have done anything to prove her knowledge of my presence?

Large, black rings spun sending the vehicle rolling along the hard, grey ground. Before too long, the red car was no longer in my sight. As well, all the other humans disappeared, potentially back in their warm homes were bad things were pushed away from them. Bad things such as my return causing chaos in the sweet, little village. One of the only places where peace still remained. Not anymore... but for all I knew, that peace may have vanished when I was took away. How could one boy cause such trauma though?

Once again, I noticed my movement. I noticed the fact that I was getting closer and closer to my future. My heartbeat quickened, and I feared it would leap right out of me, my life ending there and then.

Suddenly, grass turned into mud, which turned into a pavement damp from the rain. Oddly, I wished for the heavens to open up at that moment despite being drenched. After eight years without water falling down from the sky, and splashing on your frozen face you tend to miss the feeling. Clearly, I was too late to experience it. Hopefully I'd feel those raindrops later. There to refresh me and my life. Rain used to bore me as I remembered, I recalled bursting into tears once creating a storm of my own simply because I couldn't play football. 'The grounds too slippy', I say aloud to myself, repeating the very words my mother spoke to me. I felt more raindrops coming up from behind my eyes but stopped them, keeping the promise I made to myself earlier, 'Don't cry'. By the end of the day I'd be sure to be a mad man.

Here it is.

The long line of thatched cottages, still here after many centuries. Still here after my abduction. It must seem such a small period of time compared to what they'd been through. It must seem like a short break, a few minutes worth. It seemed nearly half of my life to me. A long time. It didn't matter how much time an event took up, or how long you'd been around, all that mattered was how long it seemed to you.

Suddenly my elbow was brushing against a white, bumpy surface gradually nearing towards the wooden corner dangling from the straw roof. At that corner I'd enter a world of mystery, a turning point in my life. At that corner I'd change back to the bubbling personality of the young boy I was before. The careless one... the boy who shrugged his shoulders whilst opening up rejectance letters from multiple universities. The boy who wouldn't shiver at the thought of walking along a road, simply about to twist on a path and begin walking down a new street.

That's exactly what I was doing once I reached the wooden plank. The edge of a house. I shook with fear, and a little chill.

Once taking a quick glance down the road, and halting to consider my actions I finally realised the reality of it all. I finally realised that it wouldn't be easy to stroll down there and knock upon a door, asking to come in. One of my main holdbacks was the fact I had no knowledge on which home was exactly mine. I had too much fear to knock on a random one and ask. Now I felt even more nervous as faces popped up from behind the window. They eyed me carefully as I strolled down as casually as possible.

It was hard work.

I hadn't been around any other humans but myself who'd infact been influenced by aliens, leaving me out of the options, but I understood that their observations weren't right. They were overly clingy, their beady eyes gripping onto my movements far too hard...

Perhaps things had changed quite drastically, and this was the new normal. Perhaps they knew I was arriving today, but how was unanswered. And why they were so bothered was a question too, whether they knew of my arrival or not.

Then a quiet buzzing sound entered my ears, same a spaceship causing slight relief as for a split second I believed they'd come to rescue me. Although, it sounded sharper - less gentle. It appeared vigorous. Like it was attacking something - something it really hated and was pulling it back. I looked up to discover that in this case it was air, and the wind. A helicopter floated above my head up in the sky in between land and the greyish clouds. I stared up in amazement and slight disappointment. The flying vehicle was small, yet made so much noise. I considered it to be heading off somewhere more distant, and was only passing but oddly, it's destination was here. The helicopter's scale grew as it fell further down towards me. Amazingly, the buzzing sound multiplied when an additional crowd of helicopters joined, all having the same word written on them - 'Police'.

My natural instinct was to run, which came to me too naturally for my liking. If I ever ran in my life, it was away from my parents or in some form of activity. Running felt right at this point in time despite the fact I didn't understand why I was. What would the police do to me?

They're kind people who only try to help.

Then again, how could they help a teenage boy who's just been released from aliens - creatures who aren't supposed to exist?

Already they were practically here, and I began to panic. If my clothes were half decent I could get away with blending in, just a normal boy taking a quick walk in the fresh air, minding his own business. My attention only grew as neighbours begun pouring out of their homes to get a good look at me, see the strange person who came to invade the village that was once peaceful. The pestering buzzing sound grew louder, and seconds later it suddenly quietened allowing the mutters of the citizens to enter my ears hearing the comments on my clothes, the trouble I'd bring. Any potential I had, good or bad.

The silencing of the background noise meant that the helicopters landed, not wandered off somewhere that I couldn't worry about.

In conclusion, a mess of footsteps could be heard. The sound was echoing from my back causing distress... how I remained with my steady running pace along the path was a mystery. It was a surreal moment, and I was sure that I'd never forget it until the day I turned mad and nothing mattered any longer. By the looks of things, that day was coming quickly, if I manage to survive until then. Death was also approaching.

It was one of the moments when you felt all the bad things in the world were aimed at you. Nobody else suffered. Nobody else had to worry about anything, and you were an unfortunate being. Obviously it wasn't true though, there were clearly worse situations, I just needed pitying, even if the only person it's coming from is me.

The police begun shouting at me, 'Son, we just want to help you!', how did they know I needed help?

'Please, slow down and we can talk!'

It was evident that I wasn't listening, I made sure of that by not looking back once, keeping my head facing forwards at all times. Blanking them, pushing them out of thoughts. It was amazing to put yourself first, but I understood that it wasn't going to continue. I wasn't going to get too big headed.

Another row of houses came into sight as I spun at a cross road, heading to the left. The energy running around inside of me prevented myself from getting tired and running out of breath. After years without any strong exercise, I was impressed. Perhaps they released some sort of chemical into me, it was a possibility since I was never informed of what was truly going on behind the closed doors.

Instead of white tudor, the house came to light, soft brown brick with roses arching around the doorways and crawling up the sides. My footsteps were loud drawing attention to me and the police following. It was shocking how I was not yet caught up with. More and more people swung open the doors and stood in their front gardens in amazement. Someone with soft blond ringlets began screaming melodramatically. It was the most frightening part of my journey. The person began chasing me along with a few others, causing my list of haters to rapidly grow.

It continued for another thirty seconds along that very road until the same laser from the same night eight years ago dropped from the sky instantly pulling me up. But it wasn't just me this time.

The melodramatic screamer clutched my ankle hard and flew up too.

I didn't know quite what to think.

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