Liam's Girl

Liam's Girl:
Jessie and Liam have been best friends since birth. During One Directions winter break (2 1/2 months off) they are staying at Jessie's place. All but one of the guys have their eye on Jessie. But, Jessie has her eye on one... her best friend. But does he like her back?


9. Chapter 8

Liam's P.O.V 


          I kissed Jess's forehead right before she feel asleep in my arms. Why the hell did Harry ask to kiss her?!   I heard the bunk room door open and I slowly got out of the bunk not to wake Jess. I looked over at Harry who just walked in. 

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" I whispered trying not to yell and trying not to wake up Jess.

"I just want one kiss" Harry shrugged getting his phone out of his bunk.

"You think that's ok?!" Harry shrugged and left. I followed him out into the living room and sat down next to Maddie.  "Harry it is not fucking of to ask my girlfriend to kiss you!" I yelled this time now that we were out of the bunk room.

"He asked Jess to what?!" Maddie yelled whipping her head to me. I explained what happened when she was asleep. "What the hell Harry!" Maddie slapped him then sat back down between me and Niall crossing her arms. I looked at her in shock then burst out laughing with Niall. "What?" Maddie looked at us as we fell on the floor laughing.

"You just slapped him out of nowhere and you barely know him!" Niall and I stopped laughed and sat back down on the couch.

"HE TRIED TO KISS MY BEST FRIEND WHOS TAKEN!" Maddie yelled pointing her finger at him. Niall kissed her cheek and laughed.

"I love that about you your not scared to do anything and your so random at times"

"Why thank you" Maddie got up and went to the kitchen.

          I got up and went into the bunk room. "Jess love wake up, you can't sleep away the whole drive" Jess sat up and groaned.

"Can you help me down this bunk is to high up for me" I laughed and grabbed her waist helping her down.

"It's only the 3rd bunk up" I kept my hands on her waist looking down at her.

"I told you I prefer not to look like a skyscraper like you so I'm shorter."

"Oh your short all right" Jess laughed and stood on her toes kissing me. I leaned down a bit so she didn't have to stand on her toes. I heard the door open and pulled away and l looked over to see Harry just walked in. I let go of Jess's waist and took her hand leading her past Harry to where everyone else was.

"MADDIE!" Jess let go of my hand and ran into the kitchen hugging Maddie. I heard Maddie say

"you know what I say about Harry for what he tried to get you to do?"


"DRINK IT!" Maddie and Jess burst out laughing. Must be there little inside joke.

          Harry walked back out when Maddie and Jess were coming out of the kitchen. Harry bumped into Jess making her loose her balance and fall down. Maddie glared at him before helping her up.

"Jessie I'm so sor-"

"Babe you ok?" I cut him of walking over to her.

"Yea I'm good it's ok Harry" Jess looked at me when she responded to Harry. Guess she didn't want to look at him?

          As we sat on the couch Jess pulled out her phone and started texting someone. After awhile I noticed a tear fell down her cheek.

"Hey, love what's wrong?" I wiped her tear away.

"Nothing I just miss Katilyn I haven't seen her much lately, besides the hospital. She just go married and has been really busy. I was just texting her she had to go because of work" I frowned.

"Aw babe I promise as soon I she has time I'll pay for her to spend a couple days with us" Jess smiled and kissed me real quick then laying her head on my shoulder.


Sorry it's a short chapter I got bored since it snowed and we had no school so I updated.

Let me know what you think!

Also go fan and read my friend\ Louis girl buddy\ tiger buddy

her name is Tiger99 she' really nice and writes great movellas!

Love you all!






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