Liam's Girl

Liam's Girl:
Jessie and Liam have been best friends since birth. During One Directions winter break (2 1/2 months off) they are staying at Jessie's place. All but one of the guys have their eye on Jessie. But, Jessie has her eye on one... her best friend. But does he like her back?


7. Chapter 6

Chapter 6


Liam's P.O.V


          I stood up as the doctor entered the waiting area.

"Mr. Payne she's out of surgery" he sighed. "She well her heart stopped beating a couple times.  She is hanging onto life by a thread she has one broken rib, can't breathe on her own, and she is in a deep coma. We don't know when she'll wake up, but she is aware of her surroundings and can hear everything we say in the room" I nodded as the doctor walked away.

          I slowly walked with the boys back to the seats. I sat down running my fingers through my hair. "Mate did you hear that one person at a time can see her. GO SEE JESSIE!" Niall yelled at me as Maddie fell asleep with her head in his lap on the small sofa. I nodded and went to the front desk.

"Excuse me what room is Jessica Wilson in please?"

"Room number 295, second floor"

"Thank you" I hurried to the elevator pushing the number 2 as it lit up.

          I ran down the hallway 290 291 292 293 294 I stopped to catch my breathe. 295. I slowly opened the door to Jess's room. She layed still her chest slowly rising and falling. An IV in her arm, a machine hooked up to her helping her breathe, a bandage wrapped around her torso to protect her rib.

          I pulled a chair up to the bed. "Please wake up" I whispered kissing her forehead.


Jess's P.O.V


          I felt like I was drowning under ice. Every time I found my way to the ice I couldn't break it. I couldn't see, but I could hear, I had no control.

"Please wake up" someone whispered and kissed my forehead. LIAM!

I had to get out. I had to see him. I heard a ringing and moving.

"Simon I'm sorry but-" Liam paused on the phone with Simon

"They did?"


"Thank you Simon!" He hung up.

          Jess that was Simon he said the boys just called him and told him what happened. To keep you safe you can come on tour with us when you wake up!" I wanted to smile jump up and hug him but a couldn't. I struggled trying to open my eyes, trying to break the hard stone ice.

        Finally I gained control in my hands. I squeezed Liam's hand to let him know I was happy. He got up and came back after a least I think it was a minute.

"I told her she could come on tour with us when she recovered and she squeezed my hand!"

"Ok Jessica I'm your doctor I'm going to hold you hand and ask you questions" I felt him pick up my hand and hold it. "They are going to be yes or no questions if its a no squeeze my hand once, if its a yes squeeze my hand twice can you do that?" I squeezed his hand twice.

"Do you remember who Liam, Maddie and the boys are?" two squeezes.

"Do you remember why you are here?" one squeeze.

"Do you only remember up to seeing Jason?" two squeezes.

"Are you able to open your eyes?" one squeeze.

"Can you try?" two squeezes.

          I struggled trying to open my eyes. "C'mon you can do this babe" Liam held my other hand. I slowly fluttered my eyes open Liam smiled and squeezed my hand twice I laughed and looked at the doctor.

"That was amazing Jessica don't try to sit up you have a broken rib here are some pain meds" he handed me two pills and a bottle of water. I quickly took the pills as the nurse pushed some buttons making my bed move up so I was able to sit up. They left and I looked at Liam.

"I'll go get the boys and Maddie" Liam stood up.

I grabbed his hand "no I want to be alone with you for awhile" he smiled and sat back down.

"Why do I have a broken rib, and stiches?" I looked down at my bandaged chest and stomach.

Liam sighed "Jason stabbed you in the stomach and broke a rib after we left if the boys and I didn't rush back you'd be dead" Liam looked down to hide his tears.

        I rubbed circles on the back of his hand. I pulled his arm closer to me since I could move closer to him. He looked up at me confused. "Can I have a hug?" Liam laughed and shook his head. I pouted.

"But, you can have a kiss" Liam stood up and lean in.

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