Liam's Girl

Liam's Girl:
Jessie and Liam have been best friends since birth. During One Directions winter break (2 1/2 months off) they are staying at Jessie's place. All but one of the guys have their eye on Jessie. But, Jessie has her eye on one... her best friend. But does he like her back?


5. Chapter 4

Liam's P.O.V


          I pulled Jess closer to me about to kiss her when we heard a window shatter. Jess tightened her arms around my neck as she gasped. I let go of her waist holding her hand as I slowly walked down stairs. I peaking around the corner nobody was there but a rock lay in the middle of the shimmering broken glass.

          Jess let go of my hand and walked over to the rock. "Jess no someone could be in the house!" I whispered.

"But, there's a note tapped to the rock" she pulled a piece of paper of the rock before tearing up and running past me and slamming the door to her room. I picked up the glass carefully then called the company who installed our windows to put in new glass today with a security system. I quietly went upstairs and quietly knocked on her bedroom door.


"Go away" Jess muffled through a pillow probably on her bed. I softly opened her door. She was on her bed crying into the pillow. I walked over to her side of the bed and picked up the note that was on the table next to her bed.


Back away from Liam you aren't good enough for him.

You're a whore thinking he loves you it's all for publicity.

Do you really think a mega star like Liam would ever love a regular girl like you?!

You should go die none of the boys should be around you.

I can't believe they haven't seen how much of a bitch you are.


(Sorry for the language if you didn't like it)


          I ripped the note up and threw it away. " Jessica Marie Wilson don't you ever for one second believe that crap is true. The love I have for you is 100% true it's not a publicity stunt. You've known me since you were born you know I would never to that to you! Don't let the fans get to you they are jealous of how pretty, beautiful, and caring you are." I rubbed her back standing at the side of the bed where she lay.

          "Liam, it's hard when you left for X Factor the second time. Everyone bullied me. That just reminded me of that time and it hurt cause it kinda made since" I felt pain when she told me this.

"You never told me?" I whispered.

"I didn't want you to be worried about me when you were so close to your dream" She whispered. I pulled her close for a hug. "Good thing I have on no smear water proof eyeliner and mascara it didn't get messed up right?" I nodded and laughed.


Sorry it's so short but let me know what think.

I still need a big sister for Jess she's going to 23. 

If you want to be Jess's sister comment why, and how you look!

Love you all!


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