Liam's Girl

Liam's Girl:
Jessie and Liam have been best friends since birth. During One Directions winter break (2 1/2 months off) they are staying at Jessie's place. All but one of the guys have their eye on Jessie. But, Jessie has her eye on one... her best friend. But does he like her back?


3. Chapter 2


Jessie's P.O.V


      I walked ran downstairs after throwing the pillow at Liam who was now chasing me. I ran and hid behind Harry who was the first person I saw. As they play fought I slipped outside and ran over to Maddie's right next door.

"JESS!!" Maddie opened her door and hugged me.

"How was you little vacation?"

"Warm I miss it it's freezing here!" I nodded grabbing her hand and running back across her lawn to my house.

"The boys are here I said walking up the steps." she nodded.

"Hey you dyed your hair pink underneath when I was gone like you always wanted to!" I laughed since she finally noticed the pieces of pink in my French braid. I opened the door and ran in with Maddie.

"MADDIE!!!!" Liam stopped wrestling with Harry and ran over picking Maddie up spinning her around while he hugged her.

"Maddie meet Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Niall, boys meet Maddie my other life long best friend who lives next door" As soon as Maddie saw Niall she froze

"She's always had a thing for Niall" I whispered in Liam's Ear having to stand on my toes to reach his ear. Liam nodded and pushed Maddie towards Niall.

"LET'S PLAY HIDE N SEEK!!" I yelled jumping on Liam's back again.

"Ooohh lets play with partners Liam and Jessie, Niall and Maddie, Harry and Zayn, and CAN I BE IT PLLLLLLEEEAASSSE!!??" Louis begged I laughed and nodded.

"BUT you have to count to 60 outside on Maddie's porch so we know your not peeking" Louis nodded putting his shoes and coat on and walked outside Across the lawn to Maddie house.

          Maddie jumped on Niall's back and they took off down the hall, Zayn and Harry darted up stairs and I hopped off Liam's back and ran down the hall the opposite way Maddie and Niall did Liam following me. I opened a down to the basement turned on the light while Liam closed the door quietly behind him.

"Nice they don't know you got a basement" Liam whispered grabbing my hand as we walked down the stairs. We turned the light back of when we got to the bottom of the stairs and it went pitch black. I squeezed Liam's hand and he laughed.

"Still afraid of the dark?"

"Since when was I not afraid of the dark" I whispered hearing footsteps above us of Louis.

"Here" Liam pulled me behind a desk and sat neck to me pulling an old recliner blocking the opening to no one could see us even with the light on.

          I sighed leaning my head against Liam's shoulder. "Jess?"

"Yeah?" I whispered back.

"You never answered my question on if you felt the same way" Liam turned facing me in the dark. I felt my cheeks get warm thank god we can't see me blushing right now.

"I don't know?" I whispered

"Can I help you decide?" I could hear the smirk in his voice

"Mmm I guess you can try" I smiled

          I felt Liam's hands on my waist he easily moved me so I was facing him on his lap. I put my arms around his neck. I could feel my heart beat picking up. I couldn't believe I'm about to kiss Liam my life long best friend who I've loved since we were 10.

          Our noses touched "I love you Jess" Liam said right before he closed the gap between us. I tangled my fingers in his hair. He pulled me closer to him by my waist. The basement door opened and someone ran down the steps. I jump off of Liam's lap when the light turned on.

"Where the heck are Liam and Jessie?" I heard Zayn say. I looked under the desk to see 5 pairs of feet everyone but us were found.

"If you guys are in here come out your to good" I jumped up from behind the desk with Liam as soon as Louis said that.

"Zayn can you help me?" Zayn nodded and grabbed me by the waist helping me over the desk since I was kinda stuck. 

          I took my braid out and let my hair fall to my mid back. "Now what?"

"MOVIE TIME!!!" Maddie and Niall yelled running up the stairs.

        Zayn took my hand and ran up the stairs to go pick out the movie with the others behind us.


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