Liam's Girl

Liam's Girl:
Jessie and Liam have been best friends since birth. During One Directions winter break (2 1/2 months off) they are staying at Jessie's place. All but one of the guys have their eye on Jessie. But, Jessie has her eye on one... her best friend. But does he like her back?


2. Chapter 1


Jessie's P.O.V

          I waited in the airport for Liam searching and pushing through the screaming fans trying to get closer to the rope. I sighed giving up and went outside the airport for them taking out my IPhone 5s.

To: Liam

I'm waiting outside the Main entrance the fans are to loud and I can't get through them.

          I put my phone away waiting for either him to show up or a response. My phone vibrated in my pocket.

From: Liam

Haha ok we are getting our luggage.

          I quickly typed and ok putting my phone back inside my back pocket of my skinny jeans. I had on dark blue skinny jeans, a plain white long sleeved shirt, my grey pea coat over it, black combat boots, my red purse, and my hair was in a side fish tail braid.

"Jess" I heard a deep British voice call out and only one guy called me Jess.

I smiled and turned around "Liam!" I ran up to him and jumped in his arms as he dropped his luggage. I let go of my grasp around his neck as he slowly put me down.

"Still short?" he laughed picking his bags back up.

"I prefer not to look like a skyscraper thank you very much" I heard chuckles behind Liam.

"Oh! Sorry I forgot to introduce you to the boys Jess met Harry, Niall, Louis, and Zayn" he named them in order they were standing.

"Hi!" I went up and hugged each of them.

"Nice to finally met you Liam told us A LOT  about you" Niall smiled hugging me back as Liam cleared his throat awkwardly. I giggled and moved to Harry.

" I LIKE YOUR HAIR!" I laughed a thank you and moved to Louis.

"I'm apologizing ahead of time for if we make a mess or something"

I laughed "It's fine I'm expecting it"

"ZAYN IT'S YOUR TURN GIVE ME A DAMN HUG!" I walked up to him as he burst out laughing before giving me a hug.

"I can already tell this'll be a great winter break" Zayn laughed a little more.

I smiled and ran jumping on Liam's back "TO THE WHITE SUV BMW!!" I pointed at my car as Liam took of running and the boys laughing following behind him.

          Since my car only had 5 seats Louis was driving I put the directions to my house in the GPS for him, Niall in the passenger seat, Harry sat on the right hand side of the car, Zayn in the middle, and I sat on Liam's lap on the left hand side of the car since we knew each other for LONG time.

          I twisted myself so I sat with my back leaning against the window so I wasn't right in front of Liam. "The ride should be about an hour long," I told the boys Niall and Harry were already passed out Zayn was slowly falling asleep Louis was driving and Liam hummed counting stars by one republic along with the radio. He had one arm wrapped around my waist for protection in case something happened ad the other resting on my knee since he had no other place to put it. I fell asleep with my head on Liam's shoulder and his arms wrapped around my waist half way through the ride.

          I woke up when cold hair hit my face. I opened my eyes and Liam was opening the door as we arrived at my house. I slowly sat up when he opened the car door all the way and looked down to see if I was still asleep. I hopped out stretching my legs.

"Jessie which opens your door?!" Louis yelled.


"OOH THANKS!" I laughed helping Liam with the suitcases from the trunk.

I rolled half up to the porch before Harry came out and took them from me. "Thanks" I ran in.

"Ok listen up I have 5 bedrooms!" I got my sticky notes and a sharpie. "Follow me!" I told the boys once they were all in and we headed up stairs. I wrote Harry's name on the first sticky note and stuck it on the first bedroom door. Louis on the door across from Harry's. I walked forwards and turned down the hall to the other two bedrooms Niall on the first one walked to the end Zayn on that one. I turned around as Zayn walked past me into his room to find Liam just standing there with his two suitcases.

"You can sleep with me since we've known each other since I was born" Liam nodded and followed me to the master bedroom or known as my room. Liam stopped at the doorway.

"Jess your bedroom is HUGE" I laughed and nodded.

"Maybe it's because my famous rich best friend bought me and our other best friend Maddie houses for our last birthdays"

"Oh yeah I did didn't I?" Liam walked over to the bed. "Are you still ticklish?" I shook my head.

"You do know I know when you lie right?" Liam smiled before jumping on the bed tickling my stomach.

"NO L-L-LIAM PLE-ESE STA-AHP IT" I laughed trying to get his hands off my stomach which was no help.

Liam pinned my wrist above my head "Only if you promise to make me something to eat" he smiled.

"No you are 20 years old make you own food" I rolled my eye. I looked back up at Liam noticing the position we were in making me blush a bit.

"So that's a no?" Liam whispered with a smirk on his face. I noticed he slowly leaning in closing the gap between us.

"That's a no" I whispered I could now feel his breath on my lips. I wanted so badly to wrap my arms around his neck but 1. I didn't and 2. I couldn't because he had them pinned down above my head. We were an inch apart when he slowly let go of my wrists and moved his hands down to my waist. As soon as I felt his lips brush against mine I lifted my arms up around his neck.

"Hey Jessie is it ok if I get something to e- uhh did I interrupt something?" Niall stood in the doorway scratching his neck.

Liam cleared his throat moving from over me so he was resting on his elbow next to me. "No not at all,"

"I don't care I don't feel that way for Jessie at least I won't tell anyone as long as I can get some food" Niall smiled.

"Yeah help yourself" I smiled as Niall ran downstairs to the kitchen.

"Liam?" I turned over to face Liam.


"What um almost happened do you really feel that way?" I looked down at my hands as I spoke the last part.

"Umm yeah I guess do yeah" my head shot up to look at him in disbelief.

          He pulled me closer to him with his hands on my waist putting us in the same position as we were in when Niall walked in. His forehead against mine.

"Yeah I defiantly feel this way," Liam smiled and nodded. I smiled as I put my arms around his neck.

"But, do you feel this way about me?" Liam brushed his lips against mine. I opened my mouth at the same time as I heard the front door open and the boys laughing. Liam sighed and put his clothes away in the spare dresser and closet to make it look like nothing happened. I kicked of my boots and took my coat off.

          I threw a pillow at Liam's back "you still owe me from tickling me Liam James Payne," he laughed as I walked out to join the rest of the boys downstairs.

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