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2. first night out


I gently layed her down in the bed after she fell asleep on me I went and sat down Louis walked over to me "You like her don't you Ni" he whispeared "maybe" I whispeared "why not to be rude or anything she is really hot but why" he said "there is something different about her she doesn't know who I'am and I kinda of like that"I said with a grin forming on my face "I know thats why I like her to but your making it to obvious"he said did he just say he likes her no he is going to take her away from me like always "yeah I know but it is hard to not when she looks like that" I said "yeah well me a the boys are going to go see you at the house Ni" he said "bye" I said waveing the guys goodbye.After they left I went and sat down I'm hungry I grabbed my phone and called the chinese resturant the lady answer I told her what I wanted she said she would be here ten minutes. "Niall?" I heard Cara say I ran over to her "yeah?" I asked "can you get me some paper and a pencil please" she aked "sure " I answered grabbing a paper and pencil "here you go" I said "thank you "she said grabbing it and she started drawing she told me not to look so I went and sat down.She kept looking at me then back at the paper which made me smile.There was a knock at the door I went to see the chinese food lady "thank you" I said grabbing the food and giving her money "good bye " I said as I shut the door "I got you some rice" I said handing her some rice "thats my favorite" she said grabbing the food awesome whew I thought I might have gotten her something she didn't like " I'm done drawing she says holding the paper up it was a drawing of me it was amazing

Cara's painting

Cara's POV

I was eating my rice Niall bought me "This is amazing" he said "not really" I said shyly "no really "he said stareing in to my eyes oh I wanted to kiss him so badly just once I stared at him somemore "thanks"I said blushing when he saw I was blushing he started scratching the back of his neck and turned his head to the wall as he blushed which made me giggle I was sitting on my bed when I froze the color left my face I was petrified cause through the window I saw my dad "Where is my daughter her name is Cara Swindford" he yelled at the receptionist "she is in room 358" she said "NO NO NO " I said pulling the cover over my head "whats wrong" he asked "m-m-my d-dad i-is out there" I cried I was fully crying now Niall ran to the door and locked it he came back over to me out his arm around me "sh...shh.. calm down ever things going to be all right" he whispered trying to calm me down me while my dad beat against the door "let me in you bitch I'am not down with you yet" he yelled on the other side of the door.I got scared so I buried my head in Nialls chest "he can't hurt you I won't let him shh.shh don't cry it is going to be okay" he said his heartbeat made me calm down a little bit securety eventually took him out of the hospital. But me and Niall stayed in this tight embrace for 15 minutes "I'm sorry about that but your free to go " said the nurse who unlocked the door we let go of eachother and I attempted to stand up and almost fell but Niall caught me "thank you " I said "no problem " he said "I don't think I can walk my legs are numb" I said "I got an idea " he said smirking he picked me up bridal style I giggled when we walked out the door I was blinded by camera flashs "Niall is this your girlfriend""Niall who is she" "whats her name" were things the camera people shouted I leaned in to him "friends of yours" I said Smirking " not really"he said we eventually got to his car he opened the door and put me in shut the door and got in the other side. "Are you famous or somthing " I asked "somthing like that " he said. when we got to his lot it was huge but I was to tired to care I managed to walk int he house he showed me a guest room and then his room and he gave me a pair of his boxers to where as sleeping short and I wore the tank top I already had. I was lieing in the guest bed when I rembered what happened at the hospital and I was scared so I went to Niall's room and knocked on the door he opened it " can I sleep with you "I said he started to laugh "no not like that "I said laugh with him "I'm scared to be alone so can I please "I asked makeing a puppy dog face "fine "he said letting me in I got in his bed and laid down and covered up turned faceing the wall I felt him get in the bed he put his arm around me "sorry force of habit" he said pulling his arm off me but I grabbed his arm and put it back around me "no keep it there it makes me feel safe" I said smileing "okay "he said happily which made me giggle a little "what are you laughing about" he asked " how happy you were to put you arm back around me" I said smileing "oh " he said I turned to see him blushing and giggled more but I turned back around and fell asleep.


Oh my god my arm is around her and she is in my bed go Niall go Niall .When I fell asleep I dreamt of me and Cara we were talking and laugh and about to kiss when lou comes up and grabs her arm and kissed her no louis will not take her from me I would make sure of that.I woke up and my arm was still wrapped around her lou will not take her I fell back asleep.

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