Nothing , to , something ?

Logan Lawster is a 20 year old girl from San Diego , California . For the last years of he collage & high school life she struggled with bullies & disrespect . She hasn't seen anyone from her school for a year now. But what happens when her old bullies & classmates find out who she is now ?


12. twelve

Baylee's POV

oh these girls are SOOO going down . Little do they know I'll be rigging the votes ;) but whatever, they will think they have a high chance of winning, we will deff see about that ! 

Candices POV

all the boys are downstairs on the couch while we all choose three outfits . Logan & I in one room getting ready & Baylee in the other. "Lo , we look hot " I say, "haha I know good luck" she winks. 

"Hurry up" Niall yells, "YEA" they all shout. "Ok Baylee first" I say, "alright" she walks down stairs & turns the corner you hear gasps & she walks going up to each boy & practically stripping! COUGHWHORECOUGH! 

 After Baylee goes they right down her scores on the paper. I wanna see them ! "LOGAN" they shout, she hugs me & struts her stuff slightly teasing by posing, but nothing as gross as Baylee. Damn she rocks it in the modeling world! They finish the scores & I turn to go as Baylle speaks "you'll probably lose" she says. "Alright" I wink & sway down there. God Liam is so cute! I go to him first of course ! 

Baylees POV

all the boys & girls went to grab some food but I stayed back with Harry. "Babe I'm going to get some water" he shouts, "me too please" he walks off & I check the sheet of scores. 

Baylee : 6.2 

Logan : 9.9

Candice : 9.8

they got those wrong!  Luckily I made a copy of the clear sheet so I can write the REAL TRUTHFUL scores. 


Baylee : 10

Logan : 3.5

Candice : 3.6 

DONE. Let's see how they feel about that now ! ! 

Logans POV

we all pull up into the driveway & walk in with our food. "We are back" Zayn yells , Harry & Baylee come around the corner with their water , "ready for scores?" Louis asks, "yea" I say, "ok sit down girls, the scores are.. Baylee-10, Logan-3.5, & Candice .... " Lou stops,  "wait , what the fuck these were changed ! It's supposed to be, Baylee-6.2,Logan-9.9, & Candice-9.8 !" We all spin around & look at Baylee, she smirks, "what? It's the truth" she giggles, "get out" I say blankly, "no" she says, "GET OUT" we all shout except for Harry, "but.. HARRY?" She whines, he just rubs the back of his neck looking away. "GHHHH" she groans & runs out. "FREEEEAAAAkkkkk" Niall says & we all laugh. 

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