Nothing , to , something ?

Logan Lawster is a 20 year old girl from San Diego , California . For the last years of he collage & high school life she struggled with bullies & disrespect . She hasn't seen anyone from her school for a year now. But what happens when her old bullies & classmates find out who she is now ?


3. three

Logans POV

we slip our converse on & run outside, we start to walk across the street, "wow their house is beautiful" Candi says "I know" we walk up to the door & I knock, we hear talking & then a guys voice "I'll get it" it was an Irish accent, "hello who is ..." He stops "HARRY" I knew it Harry styles his face was familiar too "hello is Gemma here?" I say trying to ignore the fact it's Harry & Niall, two of my old bullies. "Yea who are you girls" Harry asks, "common Harry, It's Candice Swanee & Logan Laws..." He looked at me with a shocked face, "Niall?" I say, "Harry, it's..." "What's Niall who is it?" Harry waves his hand in front of Nialls  face, "it's Logan Lawster" "oh hay girls come in" Gemmas says, "thanks" we smile & walk in, "you girls can come up to my room" we all walk up, "Gemma is now this May sound weird & slightly bad but I used to go to school with your brother for 8 years & him & Niall & three of his other friends used to bully me" Gemma looked shocked, "so your the Logan he used to tell us about?" "What do you mean?" I asked she looked at the ground "he used to come home saying that this girl named Logan he always wanted to hurt you & see how you would turn out when you were older, than one day he confessed that him & all his friends actually had crushes on you & we're mean because they didn't know what to say to you otherwise" I was shocked, "really?" "Yea" she nodded, "wow Lo this is weird" Can said. "Go talk to them!!" Candice said, "I dunno I'll try" I said , "ok we will stay here" Gemma said . "Good luck Logan" Candice nodded, "thanks" as I walk down stairs I hear the boys talking.

"wow Harry I had no idea, she is the number one Victorias Secret model in the world right now" they were looking at me on the computer, "ya man we need to say sorry to her, were so so mean to her & we all had crushes on her too" Harry replays, wow & come to think of it they are cute, "we need to tell the other boys about her being here" Niall says, "I know we will call them later, they live next door" I walk down, "hello?" They turn around "Logan" Harry says, "yea, I heard your guys conversation" I look away, "oh" Niall blushes, "I didn't know you guys all had crushes on me" I giggled , "yea we did & come to think of it, I'm so so so sorry Logan, we both are & the other guys will be too, we were asshole & should have never done all those things, we were just scared to tell you how we really felt about you. ,aye you can give us another chance?" They say, "I'll give you boys another chance , only if the other boys apologize also" they nod "ok no problem we will set something up later tonight" Niall says, "ok thanks" I go over & they stand up "wow you boys are tall" I say, "so are you miss top model" Harry winks, "wow you guys are cute" "thanks" SHIT ! I said that out loud, fuck, "I ment , I didn't , ugh I said it out loud" I blushed, "it's ok love" Harry says, "well we need to go over to Liam's house & get all the boys together" Niall says, "ok cya guys later" I hug them & kiss their cheeks. "Candice let's go home" 

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