Nothing , to , something ?

Logan Lawster is a 20 year old girl from San Diego , California . For the last years of he collage & high school life she struggled with bullies & disrespect . She hasn't seen anyone from her school for a year now. But what happens when her old bullies & classmates find out who she is now ?


6. six

Logan's POV

i sat on the bed waiting for Harry to come, I started flipping through my old text messages with my ex, Jordan, he was tall, & a model for Calvin Klein. He was a jerk anyway, I'm so glad I broke up with him. He was really forceful, always trying to get me to do things that I REALLY didn't want to do. I just saw the last text from him to me,

From Jordan (;

-your a skank ass bitch Lo ! I can't believe you would break up with me! I hope your model carrier goes all the way down to fucking hell. Bye ! 

i started to tear up then someon came in. "Logan?" I turn around & saw Harry , "yea hi Harry" he walks over & slowly rubs my back, "are you ok love?" He looked concerned "yea I'm ok" I leaned my head into the crook of his neck. "Ok good not it's my turn" he says. "Ok , Logan from the first time I say you I fell in love with you & I dunno, I guess I didn't know how to talk or react to you so I was extremely rude. I'm really sorry I don't know what else I can say..." I couldn't handle it, he was so so cute, so I kissed him, I was shocked when he kissed back. I pulled away slowly, his hands were still attached to my waist, my hands still around his neck, "wow" he said, "sorry" to I stood up & looked to the ground , "it's ok Logan, plus it was a damn fucking good kiss, I've never kissed a model before" I giggled & he smirked, "thanks" I winked, "I uhm I should probably get down there" he said , "yea go I'll be down in a few" I said as he left .  I sat there on the bed thinking about what I just did, why did I do that? What's wrong with me? Do I like Harry? Shut up Logan you don't like anyone, plus he was one of your bullies you can't just like him all the sudden. Ugh ! 

Harrys POV

i don't know what just happened. Wow, a mode, Logan Lawster, top model of the WORLD kissed me. Maybe she likes me. I dunno, but I kinda like her. I can't tell the boys about what happened, it would be bad. I walked downstairs & saw everyone talking & eating. "Hey Harry where is Logan?" Candice asks, "oh she said she wanted a few minutes upstairs alone" I said, "oh ok , I'll go check on her" Candi gets off the couch & walks upstairs. Uh oh. 

Candice's POV

i walked upstairs, "Lo?" I opened the door, she was laying on her stomach on her phone, "yea?" She looked up, "what's up with you?" I asked, she turned her iphone5s off & sat up, "I did something Candi , something I shouldn't have done & I'm so confused" she started to tear up, "awh what happened?" I asked sitting next to her, "I kissed Harry" she leaned into my shoulder, "you what?" I asked, " I kissed him Candi, I don't know why, but Harry I kissed on the lips, & I kissed Louis on the cheek, they both drive me insane & I am all nervous around Niall & Zayn! Liam just , ahh, he is like me best guy friend now & I don't know what to do" she says, "honey, Lo, don't worry, I understand , your probably confused because of what happened between you & Jordan & now your just trying to figure out your feelings it totally ok, I mean you & Liam get along & that good because he & I like each other & I think after a while you will know what boy is best for you trust me" she hugged me, "thank you so ,I'm so happy you understand Candice, I love you sis" she says, "love you too sissy" I reply.

Logan POV

i was so happy she understands. It's confusing but I just need to hold myself together & I will be able to deal with all of it. We walk down stairs & all the guys are sitting in the living room eating pizza. We walk down & we stand looking at them, "god I miss it" I start "me too" says Candi, "what do you guys miss?" Niall asks, "the food" I say, they all look puzzled, "we can't eat these things unless we barf them up right after we have a strict diet, salads" I start "fruits" Candice adds, "water" "milk" "veggies" "& sometimes the exception of alcohol & ice cream" we finish, they look at us shocked, "really?" Liam asks, "yea" I nod, "what about like in photo shoots when you have cake or cupcakes or Popsicles & your eating them all?" Louis says, "& ITS HOT" they rest of the guys say, we giggle "oh we know we 'eat' it but that barley happens, but when it does we have to take our Zophalexre pills, they help us loose weight, but mostly we work out 24/7" Candice says, "really? Wow that's kinda weird but cool" Zayn says, "yea I guess, but we own way to many sports bras, running shirts, jackets, spandex, & running shoes" I say, "that's cool do you girls like to play any other sports?" Harry asks, "yea we play soccer & tennis" Candice says, "wow we all play football also! Well soccer for you girls" Niall states. "Cool" I wink "we should all go play sometime or go for a run" Harry says, "yea sounds great" I say, "you girls want to play truth or dare?" Louis asks, "hell yea" we all sat in a circle, here we go...


authors note ;

hey lovely people, I'm sorry I'm stopping here but I'm leaving you at a clif hanger (; comment for the next chapter 5 comments & comment who Logan should go to ;) 

love ya :* 

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