Nothing , to , something ?

Logan Lawster is a 20 year old girl from San Diego , California . For the last years of he collage & high school life she struggled with bullies & disrespect . She hasn't seen anyone from her school for a year now. But what happens when her old bullies & classmates find out who she is now ?


9. nine

Logan's POV

I ran upstairs & grabbed my bathing suit ( the boys are taking Candice & I swimming. I guess we are going to some beach thing in Wales. Candice & I look at each other in the mirror, "how are you going to hide it Lo?" She asks, "I'm not sure" I say stroking my thumb over my tattoo. It's not what many people really notice coz the makeup artist cover it up or leave it & say it's fake & drawn on. "Just leave it Logan, it's hot & expresses your feelings" she says, I smile, "yea I guess so" we put our slips over & grab out phones & run out to the car. "Lego" Zayn says, "yay" we drive for a while then end up at a private beautiful beach house. "You have a beach house?" Candice asks, "yep & it's ours for the day, we can come back later this year too" Liam nods. We pull up into the drive way & Candice & I run out to the water ripping out slips off & placing our towels & phones on the ground too. "In coming!" We hear the boys run over Liam picks me up & flings me over his shoulder then throwing me back in, "WOW you barley weight anything" he says, I smile, "whoah whoah hold the fuck truck up" Harry shouts. We all turn, "what?" I say, then I realize what they are staring at, I quickly run out of the water towards the house but someone grabs me, "oh no ya don't babe" Niall pulls me towards him, face to face almost kissing, he pushes me back a little, & looks down at my left hip bone, "you never told us & they aren't in your pictures" he says shocked, "I know I hide it a lot" I look at the ground, "I love it" he says, " it's your heart rate, I get it" I blush. He kisses my lips & everyone 'awns' except for Louis & Zayn. "We never knew you had a tattoo love" Liam says, "yea I guess, so does Candice, she has the same one but on her left shoulder on the back" I say, she turns around lifting up her hair" they all look at it, "did you get the. Together?" Louis asks, "nope we met & when we first hung out we showed each other, it same from dot to line to every stroke" Candice says smiling, "so cool" Zayn says. "Let's go swim bitches" I say, "yea buddy" they yell, "oh & I have a belly button piercing" Niall winks at me & we all run off. 

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