Nothing , to , something ?

Logan Lawster is a 20 year old girl from San Diego , California . For the last years of he collage & high school life she struggled with bullies & disrespect . She hasn't seen anyone from her school for a year now. But what happens when her old bullies & classmates find out who she is now ?


4. four

Harry's POV

Tonight is the night. The lads & I are going to apologize to Logan for everything we did to her, & confess all of our feelings to her. I mean we aren't just doing this because she is a model now we are actually sorry. God I can't stop thinking about her , that luscious dirty blonde wavy hair & her glowing brown eyes. Her soft tan skin & those soft plump pink lips, she even kissed my cheek! & even before she kissed Nialls cheek. God I can't wait to see her again tonight, the lads & I are having her over to watch a movie. "Hey Harry mate, is Logan brining her friend?" Liam asked, "uhm Liam I'm not sure , I need to check, I'll call her" I grab my phone out, "WHOAH mate she gave you her number?" Zayns says, "yea me too" Niall smiles. I click on her contact 'Logan(:'

*ring ring ring* "hello?" "Hi Logan it's Harry" "hey Harry ! What's up?""my friend wanted to know if your friend Candice is coming along?" "yea she is, be nice to her you promise ? All of you?" "Ok we promise cya soon" "bye Harold" I love when she calls me that ;) ok boys they are coming over soon. "I'm nervous Hazz" Louis says, "agreed" say the rest of them. "You guys, don't worry all we need to do is each individually apologize to her & then we can watch the movie & we are good" I state, "ok" they nod.  Logans POV "let's go Candi"  I yell, "ok coming" she shouts back. "I'm so nervous Candice" "you'll be fine honey trust me" she hugs me rubbing my back. "Let's go" we hop into my car & drive off, we are going to Niall's house so we need to drive a few houses away & we don't want to walk @ night. I'm wearing my LuLuLemon yoga pants , my white T-Shirt , my maroon boyfriend jacket from PINK, & my black high tops converse, with my hair in a messy bun. Candice is wearing about the same thing but with a teal sweatshirt. Once we pulled up I ran up & knocked on the door. We heard voices & movement then Harry opened the door , "hey girls" he said, "hi Harry" we said, "come in the boys are on the couch" we walked in & we lead us to the couches, I could see the back of their heads as I got closer I got nervous, "I don't know if I can do this" I thought in my head. When we walked around their jaws dropped & eyes wide. They all stood up instantly towering over Candice & I. "Hi..hi, Logan" they said, I smiled, "hi boys it's uhm good to see you again?" I look to the floor, "don't get worried Lo" Harry whispered in my ear while rubbing my lower back. I instantly calmed down. "Ok boys one at a time, Zayn your first" Harry said, "ok come with me Logan, please" "I'll be back Candi just I dunno, sit next to Liam & like cuddle him or something" I said, she blushed & Liam did too chuckling, "hi Liam" Candice walked over & winked, "huhuhuhhiii..." Liam said. 

"Where are we going Zayn?" He holds my hand & leads me into his room, "here take a seat Logan" I sit down next to him on his bed, "listen Logan, I was a complete bastard to you over the past years & I'm very very sorry. When I heard you where moving here I wanted more than anything to apologize to you & I'm not just saying all this because your the top model but I am super sorry & to be honest I've always had a crush on you, you cute smile & your sweet laugh & I just I'm so.." He was so sweet & I got caught in the moment & I hugged his kissing him on the cheek, " it's ok Zayn I forgive you" he smiles , "ok I'll send Liam up" "ok" I say.

After hugging Liam . Hugging Niall & kissing Nialls cheek I was up to my last two, Louis & Harry. "Hello Lou" I say, "hi ok Logan, iamjustsosorry&ijustidkyourreallysweetandilikeyouandicsntbelieveyoulivenearmenowandimjustsososo

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