Nothing , to , something ?

Logan Lawster is a 20 year old girl from San Diego , California . For the last years of he collage & high school life she struggled with bullies & disrespect . She hasn't seen anyone from her school for a year now. But what happens when her old bullies & classmates find out who she is now ?


8. eight

Candice's POV


"fuck" I mudered. 5:30am it read on the clock. "Logan , wake the fuck up" I said. No reply. "Logan?" I sat up in bed & looked over to her bed. Where the fuck is she? She isn't here. I dial her phone number in *ring ring ring*

"hi you've reached Logan sorry I can't get to the phone, please leave a message bye" the voicemail said. Wow of course. Fuck her ! I slipped on a crew neck that was my ex boyfriends, it had my college logo on it, I slipped my vans on & ran outside across the street. I knocked on Harry's door. No answer. Right it's 5:30 in the fucking morning. I start to walk away & then the door opens, "Can?" I hear Harry groan, "Harry!" I run up & hug him, "I can't find Lo" I say, he pulls out of the hug with a concerned look, "where is she?" He said, "I don't know I called her & it went straight to voicemail" he slipped his socks on & came out, he was wearing boxers & a tshirt. We start walking down the street to Zayns house, "Zayn?" I knock on the door, he opens it & rubs his eyes. He is wearing sweats & no shirt, "yea ?" He says, "Logan is missing" Harry says. "Wtf? Let's go to Nialls house" he says, he runs out & we walk over to Nialls house, "NIALL!" Zayn yelled, he came to the door & opened the door, he was wearing boxer briefs & no shirt his hair was a mess, "what?" He said yawning, "Logan, she's missing" I said, "holy shit no" he said he got all teary. "Niall?" Harry asked, "yea?" He said, "do you love Logan?"  He asked, "uhm, we should go to Louis" he says avoiding the question. We run two houses down, "LOUIS" I yell, he opens the door, "yea?" He looks at us then opens his mouth again , "where's Logan?" He asks, "she missing" we say "run to Liam's, NOW" he demanded. We walked next door, we knocked on the door & a little girl opened it, it was now 6:15am. "Hey Layla where's Liam?" Louis says, "he's upstairs" she says. Layla is Liam's little sister. "Thanks" we ran upstairs & opened the door, "Liam, Liam" Zayn shakes him, "what?" He moans, "Logan is missing" he shoots up like he was electrified. "What happened?" He said, "we don't know she wasn't here in the morning" I say. "Ok let's get out on the street" he says. "Ok, Candice & Liam go towards 3rd , Louis & Harry go towards 4th , Zayn & I will take the park" Niall says, "ok go" I say. 

We run down & can't see her anywhere. "Holy shit" I say, Liam looks at me. "What?" He says coming over. "It's her earing" I say, it was her angels earing, he favorite, "oh no" he says. 

Nialls POV

we ran towards the park. "Where would you go if you were her" I asked Zayn , "uhm check the tree over near the pond, I'll check the playground" he says. I nod & run over to the huge tree. I start to hear a girl crying, "Logan?" I say, the crying stops. "Niall?" She sniffs, "babe what's wrong?" I lean down & pull her close to me. "I woke up this morning & I wasn't feeling good, so I went to the bathroom & took some sickness pills. I went back to bed & later my stomach was hurting more so I called my doctor & told him what was going on, he said that jt wS because I haven't eaten in forever & that I need to stuff myself with carbs" she crys harder, "what's wrong with that?" I ask, she looks up, "carbs = fat, if I eat those I can't be number one anymore." I pull her closer, "babe don't worry just eat more salads" I say, she looks up & me. I wipe her tears away & look into her beautiful eyes. I glance at her lips & then back to her eyes, "Niall..." She says, "Logan..." I say, she looks down, "I , I like you" she stutters , "I like you too" I say, she hugs me tight that pecks my lips. "Let's beg you home & showered. It's 8am already" I say, she nods & kisses my cheek. We walk away to Zayn . "Zayn, found her call the others" I say he runs over & hugs Logan "don't scare me again" he says she nods & he kisses her forehead. When we get back to all the folks , she tells them what's going on. We all hug her & walk over to Louis house. 

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