Innocent fun (Larry Stylinson fan fic)


5. Harry's POV

Why did he look so distracted today? He was always so concentrated when we played our game. He never fooled around, yet today he looked lost. Even though he was the best player around. Yet today he seemed totally off. Like he didn’t even know what a chess peice was, like it was completely alien to him. I studied his features as he frowns at his rook like it may just come to life and tower over him and intimidate him. He looked.. innocent for once. He finally put his rook down and looked over at me, his brow still knitted together. His eyes covered in a shiny film. 

“are you okay?” i ask softly to the older boy who sat opposite me, his hands lay limp in his lap as his head nodded a simple ‘yes’.

“just play” he mutters under his breath, his voice was low and barely audable. His vibrant eye colour left mine and returned to looking at the checker board as i look over the board as well. Moving one of my peices. Why was he so sad all of a sudden? My gaze returned to his to see a small smile cover his lips for a split second before disappearing suddenly as he places his piece over my king, devouring the piece in one go and taking it away. I look up at him and await the victory dance and how he would smeer it in my face, as usual. 

“check mate” he simply ads as he stands up and with out another word and walks out of the room, the door leaving a soft thud to the silence of the room as the older boy vanishes. Leaving me to stare at the empty space infront of me that used to be occupied by the older boy..

Harry’s POV 

i shiver slightly as my body temperature drops suddenly form the lack of heat. My hands blindly try to reach out for the covers of the bed.  I groan when i fail to find the covers and open my eyes to the blinding light of the sun streaming into the room, my eyes seem to wither back into my skull as i quickly shut them, hoping that on the second go my eyes wouldn’t be blinded again. I reluctantly open my eyes and search for the covers of the bed. Tugging the heavy material over my taned skin and laying back down, a slight frown appearing on my brow when i realise the Louis was not by my side any longer. My eyes gaze around the room in search of him, realising that he was under the shower as i hear the water running. I couldn’t help but imagine his masculine body as the water poor off of him, his wet hear sticking to his head. His eye lids firmly shut over the vibrantly lit eyes of his as he enjoy the feeling of the water running over his rippled body. I quickly shake my head. How could i be imagining this, we were only firends. We weren't gay..or at least, he wasn’t. I wasn’t sure any more. I had a feeling i was a bit too fond of this game of ours. That when i made moves on Louis that it wasn’t jsut a game, it was for real. That’s how i felt, thats what i wanted, what i wished for. That this game wasn’t just a game. That it was more than that.

Don’t be ridiculous Harry, now your just being silly. Of course you’re not gay, thats not how you feel about Louis has your best mate. Not your high school crush. You like girls. Yes...girls. I nod quietly to myself and climb out of the bed, the blankets firmly wrapped around my body as I shuffle down the hall way of the tour bus and into the small dining room/kitchen. Grabbing the kettle and shuffling my feet across the vinyl until I get to the sink, flicking on the tap and shoving the kettle under the running water.

“Harry wait that-“Zayn rushes over to me, attempting to stop my hand as the water gushes over it. I let out pained scream and drop the kettle quickly. Pulling my hand back into my chest and covering it with my other hand as I stare at the water in disgust and horror.

“Hot...” Zayn finishes as he stares at my charred hand. Quickly snapping out of his daze and flicking the water off and switching it to cold water.  Taking my hand and placing it under the cool water. I yelp in pain and attempt to retract my hand back into my body.  Zayn shaking his head lightly as Louis runs in with a balloon baseball bat hovering over his head. 

“Where is he? I’ll get him!” he says and swings the baseball bat about, trying to do some impressive karate move and accidentally letting the bat go, the bat flying out of his hand and against the wall, bouncing limply onto the floor. For a split second a smile covers my lips as I watch the older boy scramble to the balloon and dust himself off.

“I got em.” He states with triumphant smile. Looking at me with bright eyes, before the fog over with worry. He quickly walks to me and looks at my hand,

“If you did this to try and get me to kiss it better it’s not going to work” he says sassily, yet you could still hear a tint of worry in his voice. I chuckle shakily as I look at him, shaking my head. My gaze falling over his body, still dripping with water, and a towel wrapped lazily around his waist. My breath gets slightly caught up in the back of my throat and I quickly return to look at him.

“Hey don’t you have to get ready for your date with El?” Niall asks as he casually stuffs his mouth with a doughnut. Where did he come from? I didn’t even notice him walk in. Liam saunters in and stares at Niall for a moment.

“Niall that is not a healthy breakfast” Liam states and with that takes the doughnut from his hand and replaces it with apple. Niall stares at the apple as if it was an alien of some sort and then at Liam

“that was my doughnut!” he squeaks and stares at him in horror as doughnut pieces fly out of his mouth and land neatly on Liam’s checker shirt.

“Yeah and now it’s all over Liam’s shirt” I laugh as Niall stomps down the hall. I glance around and to try to get a glimpse of Louis, but he had already left the room to get ready for Eleanor. A pang of jealousy runs through me at the thought of them together, they were perfect for each other... i don’t know why i was jealous. I stare at my hand as the night of the kiss returns into my head. It was so perfect. I wanted that again. I go wide eyed as I realise the truth. I was gay. And I loved my best mate. I wasn’t sure what to do. Should I tell someone about this? Or should I keep it to myself. No, I had to tell someone about this. I wanted to tell Louis, we told each other absolutely everything, but if he found out that I liked him I don’t know what he would do, what if he started to hate me. What if things got awkward, this could ruin our relationship. No, I had to talk to someone. But not him, not yet anyway. There was only one person i knew i could trust, Liam.

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