The roller-coaster of life.

Hi,Im Lily and well I haven't really had a great life? I have brown wavy hair with blonde streaks&blue eyes,im short&well just ready the story?


3. Trip home.

Harrys P.O.V

She looked at me as if she was scared,I got up and walked to her grabbing her wrist and letting her watch as I kissed every cut and scar,the corners of her mouth slowly curved into smile, I came closer to her and whispered in her ear "Im not mad,im scared,dont do it again",I gave her my little puppy dog face she just bit her lip stopping her from smiling then looked down ignoring what I said I kissed her neck slowly then pulled away and walked out of the front door not saying anything, I wrote a number on her hand,my number. I opened the passenger door as I walked round to my side. "where to then ma'lady" I said in a posh voice making my posture perfect. She stuttered the words "Home", I looked at her and she looked away as if she was ashamed,I mean well I know almost everything about her and well I dont want her going there,I couldnt really do anything apart from tell her to call me when ever she or anyone else needs me.


Lilys P.O.V

He looked as me reassuringly as I told him the address of my house.

As I arrived I jumped out of the car to see Annie sat on the grass with her dolls I shouted her over and she ran to me,and pretty much leaped into my arms as I rubbed circles in her back. She pulled away and I turned around to see Harry sat there smiling at the little "Sister moment",he knelt down and shook her hand, he whispered something to her and a wild grin grew on her face as she ran into the house, he stood up pecked me on the cheek and said "call me love?" as he gave me a slight wink and drove away,I didnt look away until he had disappeared of my street I slowly walked inside to see my mum and dad happily lay on the couch under some blankets. I loved knowing they could be like this but it hurt to think he hurts her,he hurts us!?





I wrote a better and longer chapter than this but i deleted it by pressing the wrong button >:/

sorry ive not really updated really busy so ye?

thanks guyss'xx


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