The roller-coaster of life.

Hi,Im Lily and well I haven't really had a great life? I have brown wavy hair with blonde streaks&blue eyes,im short&well just ready the story?


2. The coffee convo.

Lilys P.O.V

As we walked through the deserted forest getting too a near by car park I could see Harry in the corner of my eye looking down at me, I looked up swiftly, his emerald green eyes and mine met. I forced myself too look away as I could feel myself blushing lightly. The last couple of minutes we walked in silence until Harry called my name asking 'Where you going my car is here?' I look back and see him laughing as I quickly rush back to him. His car was a Range Rover Sport, I stood next too the car admiring its beauty before hopping in.


Harrys P.O.V

I didn't know Lily properly yet I mean? Well we met about a hour ago. She seemed shy and closed away like she couldn't speak too anyone. I want to know why she was so upset but considering I just met her I didn't want to force her into telling me so I let it drop, what else am I suppose to do though. I started the car and slowly pulled out of the car park,I muttered "So,where do you want to go?" she replied sarcasticly "Somewhere with coffee?" I laughed a little and she smirked at me then stared out of the windows. A minute or two went by and I decided to speak up, my voice went croaky as I started to speak "My place then ey?" "Ye,sure..." she barely whispered, I could see tears welling up in her eyes her hand lifting up onto her face. I put my hand on her back and rubbed circles at the top of her spine, she slowly removed her hands from her face as we pulled onto my drive, I sped round to the other side of the car to open the door for her.


Lily P.O.V

I stumbled out of the car as I pulled bag up from the seat, Harry was so charming, really he was a real gentleman. He opened the door and I followed into the living-room, his house was huge. He wiggles his butt onto the couch and patted the space beside him. I walked over to him dragging my feet, it had been a long day and it was only 5pm? I never feel like this, maybe it was just the events of the day that tired me out, I sat down about 2spaces away from Harry letting my head drop onto the back of the couch. He said loudly "Why you sat over there...Im not that bad smelling am I?" I giggled a little then pushed myself along the couch till I felt a hand on my arm pulling me closer "Closer" he whispered, he carried on pulling me along till I was practically sat on his knee, I liked the fact that me made me feel secure and wanted, he placed his hand around my waist and nuzzled his head into my neck giving me a hug.


Harry P.O.V

She smelt nice like peppermint...I love that smell on a girl, I didn't want to let go she was perfect. I stood up and walked into the kitchen and got a load of junk food, got some blankets and a couple of DVD's. I settled everything on oneside of the couch while Lily grabbed the blanket from out of my hands, when I put the first film which we both decided on we picked 'White Chicks' I walked over to Lily, before I could get to the couch she jumped up from her place and grabbed my hand pulling me down on top of her. Chest too chest, head too head I felt her heavy breath I leaned in closer until our lips collided... I dont know what it was but it felt so right, I pulled away as she smiled keeping her eyes closed still. "I want you" I whispered into her ear in a rocky voice.


Lily P.O.V

My stomach filled with butterflies as he said that, I'm 17years old and he was my first kiss?,I've not had one kiss apart from him. That obviously means that I'm still a virgin,I thought to myself 'fuck it I'm doing it', I sat up as he asked me if I've ever well...had 'sex' before,I ignored the question and walked away asking where the bathroom was he pointed me in the direction, I basically sprinted to the bathroom and slammed the door behind me, I locked it as I pushed my back against the door sliding down tears falling from my face...'What should I do?'


Harrys P.O.V

She was gone for about 15minutes, I eventually went and knocked on the door, Lily didnt answer? Whats wrong with her? I knocked a couple of more times asking her to come out, she unlocked the door and jumped into my arms, I kissed her forehead wiping away the mascara marks. I couldnt watch her cry anymore so I sat down in the middle of the hall way and she sat down in front of me. I held her hands stroking them with my thumbs, I looked her in the eyes and asked "Whats wrong you can tell me,really who can I tell?" the corners of her mouth curled into a smile then it faded as she started too speak quitely "My family arent exactly the best people ever, he erm... he beats my mum and well..I try and stop him but its no use he just hurts me,I'm meant too be meeting my mother now but I dont want to see the damage he has caused to her, I just want a normal life with friends and a happy family", the only thought that come into my head at that very moment came out of my mouth, "What, he hurt you?, he hurt your mum?, ok...just remember that you dont have to put up with it,you the police,sorry I've just made it worse" Lilys eyes opened as widely as they possibly could "Why am I even telling you this...I shouldnt be,but I prefer being at home than school, Im not exactly popular well, I dont want to be Im by myself all the time,thats why I reacted like that before,yno when I...kissed you?,You were my first kiss,your the closet I've ever been to anyone and I've known you for 2,3hours?" she said I looked up in disbelief "How can someone like you not have any body, I mean your beautiful, funny, and...well your a great kisser" I smiled as a giant dimple appeared on my cheek. I took her hand and started kissing her knuckles slowly going up as I pulled up her sleeve a little,she viciously grabbed it pulling it down after I got a glimpse at a few scars on her wrist,she stood up and stomped into the kitchen and sat herself on the island.







sorry this was long with short paras,had too re-write this chapter as my laptop deleted the ext 2chapters I wrote,comment and lemme know what you honestly think?


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