The roller-coaster of life.

Hi,Im Lily and well I haven't really had a great life? I have brown wavy hair with blonde streaks&blue eyes,im short&well just ready the story?


5. Awkward.

Harrys POV

I woke up and reached my arm out for Lily,she wasnt there my eyes shot wide open as I went and checked the house. I heard giggling down stairs I practically leaped down the stairs to see Louis and Lily. She was sat on his lap doing his make-up,her legs were around his waist,AWKWARD?

I gave him a glare,what does he think he's doing really? Thats my girl not hi-

Snap out of it Harry,she isnt yours...

Just at that little comment I gave my self I felt my self feel more relaxed I commented on Louis 'new look' to be honest,he didnt look to bad with redlipstick and bright pink blusher. There was a slight knock on the door I answered it and the lads were there. GREAT. Only just woke up and its gonna be like everyones high off absolutely nothing? Especially my favourite little Irish buddie,he pushed me and ran into the kitchen. I just laughed and invited the boys in they smiled and walked inside. When they noticed the position Louis and Lily were in they giggled and looked at me.





Short and rubbish chapter but dont care hard day for me today 


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