Double Trouble

*For the contest*
There are always different pathways..
But when 2 people turn to one, thinks can never turn well..

Ashley and Alex could be described as magnets, never facing the other. But when fate reunited them, things get worse.

'They must use their power united , to release the ultimate power, to unleash the secret of universe'
Things would never get worse, when you have evil demons after you..


1. Every paths are intersected in some point.

I crossed my arms, looking outside the bright window. I admit that it is a nice, sunny day, but am not in the mood to run around like an idiot. I have always been an idiot, just cause I need to feel a hole inside my heart. I know something is missing, but thinking a lot makes it no easier to me. I sigh, throwing myslef to the bed. There must be something.. 

"Ashely. What's wrong?" Mother came in, with worried face. I shaked my head slightly, as I stood straight. 'There is nothing mom' how I wished to say it. But I can't. It isn't because I didn't want to, but because I cant talk. Trust me, I don't even rememeber if I had a childhood. Somehow I can't rememeber anything, but I never was able to talk. The doctor say am perfectly fine, it is just something within me. 

My mom still stood there, her eyes wide with worries. I walked to her, and embraced her to hug. Mother, was always the perfect, understanding person ever. "Well, we are going to the therapy again today" she whispered, as I nod my head. I gave her the sign, that I would be dressed in few minutes. Understandingly, she left the room, leaving me alone to be prepared. I dressed as fast as I could, just to notice a red paper lying next to the opened window. Since when was the window opened?! I never opened it.. I took the paper,  when I  felt a great pain in my heart. I gasped for. Breath, and threw the paper away. What was it? What is happening?

 I took the paper again, and opened it, to reveal a messy handwriting. my eyes read over the words, as my eyes widen at every word. It says:

" she is waiting. The world is waiting for the ultimate power. You must unleash thee secret of the universe. Try to not die today."


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