Double Trouble

*For the contest*
There are always different pathways..
But when 2 people turn to one, thinks can never turn well..

Ashley and Alex could be described as magnets, never facing the other. But when fate reunited them, things get worse.

'They must use their power united , to release the ultimate power, to unleash the secret of universe'
Things would never get worse, when you have evil demons after you..


2. Death moments

I threw the paper angrily at the floor, smashing it. Is this a sick joke? But something deep my heart, tells me it isn't. Try to not die today? Huh? The hell! I sighed heavily, standing up, and dressed as fast as I could. I made my way downstairs, just as I felt the room spinning around me.

my heart ached..

    The room spinning  even more...

          It is turning..

i squinted my eyes closed, and opened it once again. My eyes drop, as I tried to scream. 

They stood there, their gleaming red eyes scanning the room hungrily, just as it met mine. The big claws made scratches in the wall, as they walked closer to me. I took steps back, horrified. What are they?! What do they want from me?! Where is mother? They smirked. They got closer, that I my back touched the wall. Where can I go?! That when I noticed her blood.. I screamed angrily, my eyes glowing bluer..

Alex POV:

i looked at the empty street, my hands funding it way to my pocket. It is getting colder, it is getting harder. I been living in the streets, yes. Call me what you want, but it isn't like I want to. I threw away the cigarette. That when  I remember the red paper..

what did it mean? Help her before she die? United power, to unleash the ultimate power?! What is that shit?! My heart ached at the moment, as I felt the world spinning. 

I closed my eyes shut, and opened it once again. My eyes glowed, as I noticed a girl, screaming angrily. Their were two..what is this?! Their read gleaming eyes, shot to mine, and a smirk grew along the greenish skin. I looked at the girl, and noticed.. Her eyes are gleaming..and so are mine.. Are we human?!

she looked at me confused. "Hey, why do you look like me?" She whispered. She gasped suddenly, as a warm smile grew on her mouth. One good thing, I had two abilities you can never say it is normal. I can read minds, and have good hearing. I tried reading her mind, but I couldn't. The two ugly thing, looked at us and growled angrily. "So double trouble, you are united again?" A voice ran in the room, before I turned back.

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