Liam Payne has been crushing on a girl in his class named Violet. After a few years he decides to speak to her.


2. Chapter 2

Violet's POV

"Sometimes I wonder if I have met the one I will marry. If he goes to our school or not... But I doubt it, no one in our year is good looking nor do they have a good personality..." I said with each sentence my voice quieter.

I walk through the door and sit down. I take out my books and I glance around the classroom. I notice that there was someone missing but couldn't figure out who. I shrug it off and soon the lesson begins.

At the end of the lesson when the bell rang I was the first one out of the classroom. I needed to go to the bathroom, I was getting a panic attack for some reason and I didn't want to burst out crying in front of everyone. I ran around the corner and ran straight into a brown haired hottie. His eyes were red and bloodshot. My eyes began to get red and puffy, ready to cry. I was shaking. I didn't say anything. I just ran past and straight into the girls toilets. I burst through the door and the over crowded bathroom became silent. I instantly exploded right there and ran off outside behind the building.

Once I calmed down it was already the end of lunch time. I slowly made my way to my next lesson. I was about to cross the door when my friend grabbed my wrist making me wince. I turned around to look at her. "Where were you at lunch?" She asked me. "I had detention" I said looking away, avoiding eye contact. I pulled my hand back and spun around to walk into the classroom and accidentally bumped into the brown haired guy I ran into earlier. It seemed that he heard everything. Even me wincing. It's not something a normal person would do. No one know's about my secret. And hopefully he's as dumb as my friends to not catch on to anything. Not trying to be mean I love my friends and I'm glad no one caught on 'cause it makes everything so much easier.

I finally entered the classroom and sat at my seat. I couldn't help but keep looking at that mysterious guy. I never really seen him before. Wait, he was that guy on the bus this morning. How have I not noticed him before.

As soon as the bell rang, me and mysterious boy were the first ones to the door. We both ended up running to the bathroom. It was odd.. It's not something normal people do. Maybe he's just like me. That would be perfect. Shut up, shut up Violet. He's probably bursting to the toilet. He has not gone in there to destroy himself in the toilets. Stop creating hope for yourself. He's not going to like you either way.

I sit down on the toilet seat and search through my bag for a small box. After a couple seconds I finally find it and open it. I pick up my shiny beautiful blade and pull my sleeve up...

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