Harry Potter and what happened after

this is what happened after Harry Golden-Boy-Who-Wouldn't-Die-And-Destroyed-The-Darkest-Lord-In-Centuries Potter does indeed destroy the dark lord? What will he do with his life?
Read to find out!


3. Hide or let them see my face? The decision is yours...

Harry's POV

When I woke up, the first thing that I saw was the face of the most beautiful girl on the entire planet. She always seemed to brighten my mood, No, my entire world. But then it hit me, like a bullet straight through my heart. I realised she didn't belong to me anymore...

"Gin, we need to talk"  I said. I tried to set up a fake smile, but I failed miserably. She gave me a worried smile and said "I know Harry, I know. We can talk anytime you want." I thought for a minute, staring at the ceiling. "I really want to talk to you Gin, but I don't think I'll be able to... before I have eaten. I haven't eaten in like 2 or 3 days" I grinned at her, she had put up a overly worried face when I told her I wouldn't be able to talk to her. It made her look like Molly a lot. She relaxed when I said I wanted to eat. "ThankGod you want to eat. You look really hungry and skinnier than ever. Do you want to eat here or in the Great Hall?" I thought again, it seemed like thinking went a lot slower since the final battle. I finally decided to go eat in the Great Hall. I really wanted to see if Ron and Hermione were okay. "I'll eat with the others in the Great Hall" 

"You better go and fresh yourself up in the bathroom before you go, you really look tired." So I did as she said and went to the bathroom, I washed my face and looked closely at myself in the mirror. Ginny was yet again right, I looked tired and crappy, but I assumed that she hadn't said that to spare my feelings. I felt guilty. A part of me, about 1/5 wanted to sit in a corner and cry of selfpity, the rest of me, 4/5, wanted to go and see my friends, have fun and make up to them what I caused their familys. So I chose to go eat in the Great Hall. I really didn't want to see all the Weasleys again. Not that I didn't love them anymore, I just didn't think I was able to face them again after what happened to their family because of me. "Are you almost done in there Harry?" Ginny called out. She was clearly worried about me, although she was trying to sound normal. So I ran out of the bathroom and went with her downstairs...



Im sorry i havent uploaded anything lately, I have been studying for a testweek that I have coming up on monday. So i was really busy but I found a little time to write a new chapter YAY *does a little victorydance* 

Anyways, I hope you enyojed it and a new chapter will be on soon, just not this week.... :(

X BentexxloveFF

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