Tyler and his family are moving house, but when a girl jumps from a bridge and mysteriously disappears things start getting strange...
Reader descretion advised. This is supposed to scare.


3. The Hidden Room

Valentine spent the next morning in the old library, going through all the old tomes that had been left behind. There were books of all kinds, and she was in heaven. The room was surprisingly  dry, with barely any damage to the books at all. There was only one damp wall, and the books on it seemed to consist mostly of encyclopedias. Never the less, Valentine took it upon herself to restore them, and busied herself removing them and piling them up at the other end of the room, in front of a small blow heater.
As she was removing one of the larger volumes, she was surprised to find a small handle hidden behind it. She took a hold and twisted it. It was stiff, and moved slowly until she heard a soft click. She pulled it and the entire bookshelf swung out.

"Oh my God! You have to come and see this!" She shouted, "I've found a secret door!"
Tyler and his parents, who'd been painting another room next to the library rushed in.

"What! Where?" Andrew asked, excited.

"Back here." Valentine replied, waving them over. Behind the bookcase was a small room.
It had a single bare bulb hanging from the ceiling which glowed a yellowy orange when Valentine turned it on.
The room was made of whitish concrete, and empty except for an old rusted highchair, and the remains of rotten leather straps. There were reddish brown stains on the walls and floor, and scratched onto the wall was a large K.

"Oh my God. This is horrible!" Michelle exclaimed, horrified. As she bustled everyone out of the room, and sealed it up behind them.

"No one's to go in there. We'll call the police as soon as we've got the phones set up."

Tyler shuddered, and wondered how his parent could cope with staying in this hellhole of a house. He glanced over at his sister. She had gone as pale as a ghost.

"Are you ok?" He asked her.

"I..." she sighed, "I'm going to go read. Call me when lunch is ready."
She turned and headed upstairs, picking up a book as she left the room.
An old, blue book with a small gold K embroidered on the cover.

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