Tyler and his family are moving house, but when a girl jumps from a bridge and mysteriously disappears things start getting strange...
Reader descretion advised. This is supposed to scare.


2. Shapes in the Wood

It was getting dark now, and the rain was starting to set in. Tyler lent his head against the window, and watched the trees rush by.
Valentine sat next to him dressed in black listening to loud music through pink headphones, texting someone at high speed.

"Oh shit. Dad! There's no signal!" she said, pulling one ear of the headphones away from her head.

"Valentine! Don't swear. It doesn't become you." Andrew said, eyes fixed on the road ahead.

"But there's no signal!" She complained, waving her phone in the air. Andrew glanced back at her.

"That's what happens in the middle of nowhere." Tyler said, snarkly.

"Tyler darling, be nice... ANDREW!!!" Michelle screamed. Andrew swerved, slamming on the brakes, just missing an enormous stag lying dead at the side of the road.

"Bloody hell, that thing's massive!" Andrew exclaimed, staring at the rear view mirror.

"Eyes on the road, Andrew. That was too close." Michelle said sternly. "The poor thing, I wonder how it died."
Tyler glanced out the back window, and gasped.
The dead stag was standing, and staring right at him with its milky blue eyes, slightly luminous in the dusk light, a raven perched on one of its smashed antlers.

"Are you ok?" Valentine asked him. "You've gone all white."
Tyler blinked, the stag was gone. He rubbed his eyes.

"Y-yeah." He said, squinting through the back window. "Just a bit tired is all."
Valentine smiled at him.

"You'll sleep well tonight then." she said before going back to her music.
Tyler spent the rest of the journey avoiding looking through the windows, even though he couldn't escape the uneasy feeling that someone, or something was watching them.

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