Tyler and his family are moving house, but when a girl jumps from a bridge and mysteriously disappears things start getting strange...
Reader descretion advised. This is supposed to scare.


4. Goodnight Valentine/Blood Red

Tyler was woken by the sound of his shower. He switched on his bedside light, and squinted at the clock, rubbing his eyes. It read 2am. He frowned and staggered up, making his way over to the bathroom. Pulling on the switch, he blinked in the bright bathroom light. As his eyes adjusted he made his way toward the bath tub. Reaching under the pouring water to turn the shower off, he looked down, and almost screamed. It was half full of blood red water.

He reached down into the darkened liquid, and pulled out the plug. As the water slowly spiraled away he removed the shower head. Inside it was caked in deep red rust. He sighed, and replaced the head.

"It's just rust. I'm not insane. Everything is fine." He muttered, turning back to bed.

"It's just rust and I'm not insane. Everything is fine..."



After several hours of troubled sleep Tyler arose and made his way to the kitchen and made himself a cup of coffee and some toast. He glanced at the clock and frowned. Nine-thirty. His parents were usually up by now, but he could hear no movement from their room.
He poured them each a cup of coffee, put the toaster on again, and went up and knocked on their door. No one answered and so he gently pushed the door open. Inside there was no trace of his parents. The bed was made, and looked untouched.

"Mum? Dad?" He called, but received no reply other than the creaking of the house.

He went upstairs to the room above his own and knocked on his sister's door, but yet again, got no response.
He pushed the door open cautiously. Valentine's room was dark and he stumbled across the clothes littered floor towards the window. The floor seemed wet and Tyler slipped. His flailing arms caught hold of something large hanging in the centre of the room. He suddenly felt sick and raced to the window, pulling the curtains back.

Tyler looked down at his hands. They were covered in the a deep reddish liquid. Slowly he turned back to the room. Valentine hung from the ceiling, covered in blood that was still slowly trickling out of her slit wrists, her eyes dead and unseeing, staring straight at him.

"No! Val!" He cried. He grabbed the large knife lying below her feet, and used it the cut the cord holding her up. She slumped to the floor in his arms, her body cold. Next to him on the floor lay an old, bloodstained diary. It was open, and scrawled in Valentine's hand beneath the carefully written words of the diary's owner were the words, 'Hidden room, Murdered,' and a small sketch of a blue eye.

The diary belong to a young girl named Kayla. It was an old book with a blue cover and a small K embroidered in the corner in gold.

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